The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance is the principle of life that states that there are more than enough resources to do whatever we want. We live in an abundant universe. We have an abundant Creator. The Law of Abundance is the opposite of the Law of Scarcity.

I am very familiar with the Law of Scarcity. It states that there is never enough—never enough resources, never enough time, never enough money. Which law you live under is a choice, but it is something many of us don’t understand until we get sick of living with the Law of Scarcity.

When you live under the Law of Scarcity, you never have time to do the things you really want to do. Life is always a have to. You never have enough money to do the things you would like, because you can’t even get your bills paid. You can never realize your dreams, because that only happens to some people.

I’ll never forget the day I realized there was another law to live my life by, the Law of Abundance. I was talking to a dear mentor and friend and they said one simple phrase to me, “Julie, life is like a checkerboard, you are free to move to the next square whenever you choose.” I hung up the phone and immediately realized that my life was my own creation. I was choosing the nightmare I was living in, because I did nothing to change it. At that point, I decided to start making some different choices.

Which law do you choose to live under? If you live in scarcity, you don’t have enough time for the spiritual path, you don’t have enough money for your bills, you aren’t living your dreams. If you live in abundance, your walk with God is growing, you have money to tithe and present love offerings, and you are in the midst of your dreams or making plans for them.

This sounds so cut and dry, doesn’t it? Hard to believe, isn’t it? You see, the universe is an equal opportunity employer (unlike the planet we live on). God longs to give us our heart’s desire. But, we are very reluctant to take responsibility for that free power of choice we were given. Very often the reason we don’t live a life of abundance is because we are so caught up in our own drama and in blaming others for our circumstances.

The only road to the path of abundance, is letting go of the past, letting go of all blaming, embracing forgiveness, and walking forth in love towards our fellow humans and our Creator.

Jesus challenged us to “Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7, 8) This is an invitation to test the Law of Abundance. It requires only a small seed of belief, because any belief at all, leads us to the Source of abundance.

The only obstacle on our path to abundance is found in our own hearts. Looking within in honesty we can ask Spirit to guide us to see what it is we hold on to so dearly that keeps us living in scarcity.

True happiness is never in things, but in knowing Divine love. There is an abundant supply and it brings everything else with it. Seek first the Kingdom, and then all these things…

Walk forth into an abundant life!