Masculine or Feminine?

The idea that there are different polarities within our psyche is one that I have been giving some thought to. Probably because I have been reading several books that have to do with the feminine, but nonetheless. In Native American lore they refer to the sun, as Grandfather Sun, and the moon as Grandmother Moon. Likewise, the earth is feminine and the sky, masculine. In other traditions, we have the Yin and the Yang, and in modern writing, Mars and Venus.

The problem with modern thinking can be to believe that one is either/or, male or female, depending on what nature gave you, but ancient traditions and more recently, Jungian psychology, among others, support the notion that we are both—male and female. Intuition is generally thought of as a moon quality, reflective, and feminine. Meditation is an act of putting oneself in a receptive mode to reflect creative qualities from Source. It is not in doing, but in Being, that we receive ideas and light.

Part of our acting/doing in the world is our male/sun qualities. To be most effective we spend time in our moon phase gathering light, so that in our acting/sun phase we have something meaningful to share—light to shine. The empowering idea to me is that I have power in both spheres, regardless of my gender. Meditation, even though feminine in nature, feminine meaning reflective, lends power to my active, masculine acting in the world, (although some of my action is feminine in quality--healing/creating).

The symbol of the cross, showing balance in both spheres, reminds me that I have both the masculine attributes to call upon and also the feminine. Both are powerful and necessary ingredients in my recipe for a fulfilling life. As a woman, speaking from a gender point of view, it is empowering because I am not victimized by the wounded feminine in our collective unconscious. As a man, one can be set free from emotional blockages that keep one locked in their head and a victim to negative collective thinking about the feminine, including the feminine aspects within themselves.

This is androgyny in the best sense of the word because it is a meeting of the best qualities of masculine and feminine. It is empowering spiritually, because it opens us to the fullness of Divinity by encompassing all the qualities of the Divine, masculine and feminine, and is a deep well of healing for our souls. At its highest level, it is redemptive.