Spiritual Practice--Part One

Creating a regular spiritual practice in your life is essential if you want to move forward on the spiritual path. Have you ever noticed that you always have time for what you really want to do in your life? We make time for what is most important to us. The rest of the time, we tell ourselves (lie to ourselves) that we would do such and such if only we had more time.

There are many people trying to have a close walk with God who are anorexic. They say they want a close connection to God, that they want the power of Spirit in their lives, and that they want to achieve wholeness and healing in their lives, but then they find that they have no time to devote to knowing God better.

Attending church once or twice a week can be compared to eating that seldom. It might keep you alive, but you are going to be too weak to be very effective at anything in your life. You would barely survive. Yet, how often do we feed ourselves minimally on the spiritual path and then expect to have an abundance of spiritual and psychic energy? When looked at from this perspective, the answer is obvious! Of course one would be weak if they ate so seldom.

Meditation, prayer, and reading from sacred writings are all essential components to a regular spiritual diet. Just like we “take the time” to feed ourselves food everyday, we must take the time to feed ourselves spiritually. We have the choice to feed our psyche (soul, mind, emotions) with many different things. What we read, the music we listen to, the media we expose ourselves to—all of these things—are food. They go into us and come out in thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

You would no more want to live on junk food all of the time for your body, than you would want to fill your mind and heart with junk food all of the time. Garbage in—garbage out! We laugh when we think of this, but in reality, the choices we make about our “soul” food are sometimes not in our best interest.

Gnosis is about an inner walk with God. It is not about religion, or attending church, or a set of doctrines, although these can support your walk with God. They provide a good framework and starting point for your walk. Gnosis is about knowing God personally. It is about “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. In order to know anything, it requires an investment of our time and heart.

The important questions to ask yourself today are:

“Do I want to know the Source of Love more deeply?"

"Do I want to experience growth and healing in my life?"

"Am I willing to make better choices about how often and what I feed my soul?"

"Will I choose to take the time daily to know God better?”