The Golden Hour

You’ve heard about the “golden hour”? It’s that magical amount of time that exists to respond to a medical emergency in order to achieve the optimum chance of recovery—for instance, in a stroke. Well, in the spiritual realm, there is also a “golden hour”. It is designed to help one achieve optimum results in the spiritual crisis that exists on our planet.

What is the spiritual golden hour? It is the hour set aside once a day to spend time with your Creator. It is one hour per day set aside to read about God, read God’s words through the scriptures, talk to God, and listen to God. Spend one hour a day in spiritual practice and you will change your life. Guaranteed! In fact, you might even change the world!

Don’t think you can afford to spend one hour a day pursuing spiritual interests? Do you think that’s an expensive number considering how many other commitments you have in your life? Just stop for a moment and consider the alternatives.

The automobiles we drive require a certain amount of care and maintenance in order to run smoothly. Changing the oil is one example. There are dozens more. Pick just one and consider neglecting it. How many miles do you think you can go without ever changing the oil? How long do you think you can drive on one set of tires? You can definitely get down the road quite away even with neglect—but eventually you are going to run into problems. Your tires will blowout. Your engine will freeze up when it runs out of oil.

Spiritual growth and power require frequent stops at the “gas station” to fill up with Spirit. One hour per day will fill you up and give you the power to make it through this life and in addition make you a blessing to others as well. This is the spiritual golden hour. It is impossible to stay the same when we submit to God’s Spirit every day.

Maybe it is because of this very fact that many choose to find numerous reasons why they don’t want to spend that much time with God. God will change you and change can be a scary thing. If life is going along for you pretty well right now, you may not want Spirit coming in and messing up a good thing. If, on the other hand, life is a struggle, Spirit might seem like a pretty good alternative. The temptation for you is when things look a little brighter, the time with God doesn’t seem quite so necessary any more.

The golden hour is the magical hour in our lives. Open yourself up to let the Spirit of God fill you up with the golden light of hope, peace, and joy. Need more peace in your life? Spend a golden hour with God every day. Need more hope in your life? Let God transform your life one day at a time. Need more joy? Let Spirit flow through you until you become a fountain of joy to the world.

I am reminded of a spiritual principle that states that by beholding you will become changed into the likeness of what you behold. We will be changed by whatever we put into our minds and hearts. Spend an hour a day with whomever or whatever you most want to be like. Be changed accordingly. It is a spiritual law that we don’t have to believe in or agree with. It just exists. We can either take advantage of it, or we can ignore it, but it won’t ignore us. Since this is the case, it might be a wise choice on our part to thoughtfully consider the importance of spending a golden hour with God.

Want more power in your life? Looking for a makeover? Then walk forth today committing to spend more time in communion with the Source of All That Is.