Live Your Dreams!

It’s never too late to start living your dreams! No matter how far away you seem from what you desire, it is never too late to become who you are. God loves to give us the desires of our heart. The scriptures tell us, “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires”! (Psalm 37) We are the happiest doing who we are. God made us to be a unique reflection of the Divine to the world and if we fail to become who we are, the whole universe misses out on a picture of who God is through us.

Wow! God wants me to be successful at being me! The dreams we hold in our hearts are the seeds from our soul that long to be manifested through us. The problem with most of us is that we have forgotten who we are. Somewhere along the path of life with all of its twists and turns, we lost sight of what we are truly passionate about but at the heart of our desire is the clue to our calling in life.

One day I woke up. I realized that I was far from acknowledging the dreams in my heart. As a matter of fact, it had been so long since I had dreamed of what I wanted in life, it took a long time to even begin to imagine what was in my heart. I had fallen asleep.

Well, life had sent me a giant wake-up call to get my attention. That’s what often happens to us when we fall asleep and start betraying who we are—life creates a crisis to wake us up! We can be grateful for these wake-up calls even though at the time they are usually unwelcome. They wake us up and get us moving towards God’s plan for our lives—being who we are

The problem with most of us, however, is we are usually not very fast learners. We see the crisis as something else—maybe punishment, or we feel victimized, or we just sit on our pity pot and lament that life is so unfair. Instead of seeing whatever has come into our lives to make us extremely uncomfortable as a learning opportunity and a chance to evaluate if we are being true to our soul’s calling, we mistake the crisis as something bad.

The Psalmist reminds us with words from the voice of our Creator, “Before you were born, I knew you. You were knit together in your mother’s womb and I watched over every step.” ( Psalm 139) God planted the seeds of who we are in our souls at birth. Usually young children are closer to understanding who they are than we are until we talk them out of it and convince them they don’t really want to be a dancer, artist, poet, fireman, astronaut when they grow up. We learn to forget at a young age, and it can take a lifetime to remember.

It is never too late to start living your dreams. To start with, try remembering who you are. It is a shame to abandon your Self especially if others have abandoned you in your life. God is your advocate. He/She believes in you. Start towards your dreams by believing that God put something worthwhile within you that wants to be made manifest in the world. Be the unique picture of who God Is by becoming who you Are. Don’t stay asleep for one day longer but wake up to the dreams that lie buried within your heart! Imagine what your days will look like living your destiny! The Apostle Paul reminds us that if God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8)

Walk forth into your future with beauty as your inspiration, courage as your shield, and Spirit as your helper.