Manifesting the Divine

We are co-creators with God. We are made in the Divine image of the creative aspects of the male/female God. God is obviously much more than the masculine and feminine aspects that we speak of and cannot be classified by gender. But because we are created in the image of God means that we are able to manifest in our lives the Divine qualities that God wants to create in our lives and in the world. In other words, the gifts of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, kindness, etc. are the qualities that God wants to live out in the world through us.

What kind of picture of the Divine do you present to the world? Too often, we live lives that represent a different kind of picture of God than the one that the Divine would like to live through us.

How do we become a reflection of what God wants to demonstrate to the world through us? How do we become a reflection of the Son of Man, a reflection of the Living Christ? The New Testament gives us a clue as to how this becomes possible. Paul speaks in 2 Corinthians 4 of the way that God wanted to share His glory with the world. He shows His glory in the face of His Son, Jesus Christ. By observing this, by taking it in, by beholding it, we begin to see the glory of the Divine.

When Christ was leaving this world, He promised His disciples the Spirit. He said, “When I leave, I will send the Comforter to teach you all things”. In the Hebrew the word is ruach—Spirit, in Hebrew tradition, the Feminine. Paul reminds us of the secret of manifesting God in the world by telling us that Christ lives in us or that the Spirit lives in us.

When we remember that the creative aspect of God—the Feminine aspect of God, is the womb of new ways of being, we can begin to understand that God wants to live within us and help us create a new way of Being in the world and start to create a new way of thinking in the world. We literally start to imagine and grow within us the New Earth. Heaven on Earth can begin now if we start to live a life filled with the Spirit of God.

God wants to use us to help create a new world. This begins in our own hearts and minds. We begin to have God within us when we go to the Source daily in meditation, prayer and sacred reading. When God begins to live within us, we see areas of our lives that need re-creating. This is our first work, ordering our lives so that the outside reflects the beauty of what God puts within us.

For many of us, this takes up the majority of our time—putting our own lives in order so that they reflect the beauty of the Creator that lives within us. Of course, this is something that we will continue to do our whole lives, but what God is also interested in is our becoming co-creators of a better world and in reaching out to service to others. We can’t wait until our lives are perfect to reach out to others, because it is in the reaching out, that our own lives are blessed and re-ordered.

We can have a God that lives on the outside, or we can have the God that lives within us. The choice is ours. We can keep God in a church or in the Bible or in some other sacred tradition, or we can invite all of who God is into our hearts and minds and be transformed from the inside out. This is where the true power of manifestation begins, when we invite the Creator of all to live within us.

Do you want a different life? Do you want to see things change for the better? Then ask the Creator of everything beautiful to send the Spirit to begin a creative restoration to work within you. Invite God into your personal temple to live with you and you will see amazing things start to take place in your life as you work together with the Master Planner of All That Is.