Peace. What the world wouldn’t give right now for peace. There are political debates on all sides about war and peace. Some think that war is inevitable. Others think that we can have peace if we only choose differently. There is probably some truth on both sides. One thing is for certain, however, our choices will play a part in our future.

What about inner peace? Is internal conflict inevitable or can we make choices that provide inner peace? There are some mornings when I wake up totally at peace with life and with myself. There are other mornings that I feel a bit out of sorts with everyone and everything. Peace has fled.

What do you do when you find yourself in turmoil and lacking peace? Your choices for the day will determine whether or not you can restore peace in your soul, or whether you remain in conflict with yourself.

Before your feet even touch the floor in the morning, it’s a great idea to give yourself to Source for the day. This is the first step towards peace. God is the God of peace so inviting the Spirit of peace to live in you is the best place to begin. We are free moral agents so the Spirit will never barge into our lives uninvited. Volunteer to be an agent of peace for the day and keep focused on that commitment throughout the day.

There are many things that come into our lives that seek to disrupt our peace and our intention to be instruments of peace. Sometimes they can be your own family and children! Children can be great disrupters of peace if you are thinking of peace and quiet! But peace is more than the absence of sound and chaos. Peace is an inner quality of contentment—a knowing and sense that all is well with your soul. Thus, you can have peace in the midst of chaos!

Focusing on your role as a light bearer in the world, remembering why you’re here (whom you’re here to serve) is another way to keep peace in your heart. When we look at the events around us and ask how we might serve in a given situation, whether it is at work, at home, or on the freeway, we move above the realm of ego and knee-jerk response to the realm of serving a greater purpose. We can become channels of love, light, and peace to the world if we remain connected to our intention and connected to the Source of peace.

This, of course, is easier said than done. How quick we are to curse at the driver who cut us off rather than send them a blessing. How easily we get offended when someone at work doesn’t appreciate our work or is critical instead of trying to understand their wounding. How short our temper can be with children and spouse when things are not done the way we have requested or their actions are selfish and un-thoughtful.

Our ego is ever present to disrupt our peace. Whenever we live in the realm of ego, we will be easily offended and our peace will be disrupted. Submitting our ego to the control of our soul or Higher Self, will enable us to remain in a peaceful state of mind. If you find yourself in the midst of anxiety and peace has fled, check to see which part of you is calling the shots. More than likely, ego has taken charge.

To regain a sense of peace, recommit yourself to Source. Ask your soul to be in charge of your decisions and responses and refocus on your greater calling or soul’s purpose. Whenever we focus on submitting to Spirit and being a channel for peace, love, and light, we allow a new positive energy to work through us. This brings inner peace. You can then say, “It is well with my soul.”

Never give up the idea of living in peace. We don’t live in a peaceful world, but we can experience peace every day and we can be instruments of peace to the world. Remember that the choices you make do impact the world. Practice being the peaceful change you want to see in the world today!