Promise of Restoration

I love looking at antiques, old houses, and cathedrals--anything that has been around a while and has survived to be a witness of it’s past. Old toys, old books, old furniture, old buildings, old trees, just old things in general are immensely fascinating to me. Sometimes I will find something that needs a little restoration. It needs a little tender loving care to restore it to it’s past glory. Some times it only needs a little coat of wax and other times it needs a major reconstruction. Whatever it requires it is always rewarding to see something regain a sense of wholeness and newness.

I love looking at old barns. They are a reminder of what was once a staple in our agrarian culture. I can always picture them with a fresh new coat of red paint and perhaps a new roof and a little shoring up in a place or two—which unfortunately sounds a little like the body work we need done as we age!

Our planet is due for some restoration work. In fact, God has promised that all things will be made new again. I think we all grieve when we see some loved part of our planet lose it natural beauty. We rejoice when we see something restored. Think of the urban renewal projects that you may have witnessed, read about, or seen on TV. Restoration always uplifts and gives us a sense of hope.

If we think things have taken a turn for the worse, just think how God must feel about it. In the beginning, when all was fresh and new and mankind was in perfect harmony with the Creator, God was very pleased with what had been created. How the universes must look on and wonder when we will realize that maybe we are due for some reconstructive work. Things are looking a bit grim here on planet earth.

Mother earth has a hard time getting the respect she deserves anymore. We act like people on the other side of the world live on a different planet than we do and are not important. We live as if we can do whatever we please and our home will not pay the price for our neglect. Its funny how we’ve developed these attitudes about our world, since we have such overwhelming evidence in our own backyards of what happens when we neglect certain things, such as mowing the lawn for instance.

What happens on a small scale happens on a large scale and vice versa. Everything is connected. When we neglect our relationship with God, the earth suffers, our relationships suffer, and our health suffers. When we connect with God and our relationship with Source is restored, the earth benefits, our relationships benefit, our health benefits, and we are transformed.

The greatest restoration was accomplished for us at the cross but we have to take advantage of the bridge that God made available to us through Christ and walk across It. We do this by faith and by practicing with daily intention our desire to be connected to the Great Restorer. We can live a life that is run down or we can begin to enjoy the restoration of a new world that God has promised for us. This restorative work begins in our hearts.

I have every faith in the original Creator to do the work needed in my heart and life. When it is time for a new heaven and a new earth, I want the work on my heart and in my life to be well under way. How about you?