The Law of One

We are all connected. Everything is part of everything else. What affects you, affects me. What happens to one happens to all. This is the Law of One. If we truly believed this we would have a different world. The way things are right now we think that others can suffer and we can be perfectly OK. This is not true.

What would the world look like if there were no prejudice, no discrimination, no one greater and no one lesser? This is God’s plan for our world. He has provided a means of reconciliation for us through Christ. It is now up to us if we will decide to become one with our Creator and one with each other.

The New Testament writers speak over and over about the peace and oneness that is now available to us. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another.” “Now there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, but we are all one in Christ”. This is stated as an accomplished fact so what stands in the way of our making it a reality in the world?

To make this a little more personal think of how you feel towards those in your own community. Maybe make that circle even a little smaller and consider how well you do in accepting and loving your own family members? We all have a tendency to compare ourselves with one another and in the process find some way that we are either superior or inferior to another person. If someone seems to have traveled a path with many stumbles along the way, it is easy for us to assume that we are better than someone else. We may think to ourselves that we may have our problems but we are not as messed up as so and so.

In spite of the seeming mistakes or lack of them, no one is any better than any one else. We seem to keep a hierarchical chart in our heads of where all of our acquaintances fit in. Sometimes people call this status. God tells us that we all have equal status. What good news is that?! The problem is that we love to have equal status but we have a hard time giving it or acknowledging it for everyone.

We have some difficult lessons to learn in regards to the Law of One. I don’t have answers for the whole planet, but I can start by looking at my own tendencies towards feeling superior or inferior towards others. I can start by acknowledging my own inclination to be judgmental or critical. I can start by seeing my own sense of disconnect with the world when I think that what happens somewhere else is of no concern to me.

Just for today, open your heart to the Law of One. Ask God to show you how we are all connected. Ask for the kind of love that only Source can give to us to fill up your heart with love for all who walk the Earth. Just for today, consider what our world would look like if we cared for each soul in the way that God does. Start today, for some day we will live in that kind of world and I want to be in the habit of thinking about others in the same way that God does.