Write Your Own Story

Before you know it, time will run out! Waiting until tomorrow to begin a better life means that time will run out before you begin. To wait to begin is a decision not to begin at all. Don’t believe this? Think again! We never live in tomorrow we only live in today. Tomorrow is an illusion, a clever form of procrastination, a tricky mind game we play to fool ourselves into thinking we haven’t made a decision when in reality we have. To wait to begin, is a decision not to begin at all.

To put off a better life is to give our power away. To think that life will be better tomorrow is to lie to ourselves about what we are experiencing today. If life were so bad today, we would begin now to do something different about it. Thinking we will change it tomorrow means that it is not worthy of our time and effort today. It is just fine the way it is or we would do something about it.

Why would we want to give our power away? Why would we not want to take advantage of the present to make choices that will make each day a better day for us? Obviously, we believe we are gaining something from living life the way we do or we are afraid of changing. If we are unhappy with our lives, we generally have an idea of what needs to change. Where we give our power away is when we blame someone else for our unhappiness.

Blaming is the fastest way to become impotent in your life. You lose all potency when you believe that the problem and the solution lie with someone else. When you lose your potency you lose your power. When you have no power in your life, you become a victim to circumstances.

Accepting responsibility for your life is the quickest way to get your power back. Stop blaming a bad relationship, finances, health, or a myriad other things as reasons for your life looking like it does. The only thing we have power over in this life is ourselves. We can’t change someone else from being abusive, we can’t convert someone’s heart and make them loving, we don’t have power over how we’re treated in the world, we only have power over one. Ourselves!

When we take responsibility for our own happiness and well-being it doesn’t mean that we don’t need God’s help or the help of others, it just means that we stop blaming others for our life and start making choices that will make our life look more like we want it to. It doesn’t mean that the relationship we are in will work out or that we will avoid any karmic consequences from our behavior, it just means that we will regain the power in our own life when we stop blaming others for why we are where we are.

By understanding that every situation we are in has a lesson for us to learn, we can move forward more quickly when we concentrate on learning instead of blaming.

The thing that you can do to change your life right now is to take full responsibility for how your life looks. If you see some things that need to change, seeing them for what they really are is the first step towards finding the help you need to make those changes. If you are in a relationship where you have given all of your power away, It will take some time and help from others to learn a new way of being and acting in the world. But as long as you see the problem outside of yourself and do nothing to take responsibility for changing your life, it will continue to look the same.

The diet you are starting tomorrow is the one that never begins. So it is with so many things in our lives. We have to continually keep re-imagining a new life if we want to continue to grow. Life is a continual process of beginnings, middles, and endings. Knowing where you are at in the process and when it is time to change is the key to moving forward on our spiritual journey. We stay stuck when we lose interest in the outcome of our own story. We stay stuck when we put someone else in charge of the plot and storyline.

Become the author of your own story. Begin today by owning your life and the story you’ve written. If you don’t like the way it looks, start writing a new chapter. You can become a victor instead of a victim! Begin today!