All Speech is Creative

Words are powerful. The Law of Speech reminds us that what we say has an impact on the universe. It states that all speech is creative. What you talk about comes about. Like the ripples that go out from a central point in the water when the smallest pebble drops into it, our words create a ripple effect that makes wide bands out into the universe.

Remember the Norman Rockwell painting of the woman on the phone who hears a juicy piece of gossip? She passes it on to someone else who passes it on to someone else until it comes back to her husband. The last frame is of her husband scolding her. Or at least that’s my interpretation of the painting since there is no written explanation. But we are so familiar with this drama that we just draw the conclusion of what has happened. We have seen it played out over and over again. It could just as easily have been a picture of a man starting the gossip and the wife scolding him at the end.

We’ve all been on both ends of the phenomena--passing gossip on or being the victim or gossip. This is a negative example of the law of speech. Gossip has an amazing power to ruin someone’s reputation. A reputation once tainted is hard to ever regain, even if the rumor that marred it was false. The speech has done its work and the person talked about pays the social consequences for it. Although less recognized, the persons doing the gossiping also pay a price for it mars their integrity and character even if they are not aware of its impact on them.

The other side of the coin, the positive effects of speech are just as impressive. When you make a positive statement you have a powerful effect on its outcome. You can be a self-fulfilling prophet for the good (or the bad). You can observe this in parenting. If we predict positive results from the effort a child is making towards something, we help them to create success. Sometimes that is as simple as stating, “I know this will be a positive experience for you”. We are not guaranteeing anything except the fact that no matter what happens they can turn it into something positive. Speech plants a seed that can’t be ignored.

Stating positive affirmations can be helpful because most of us struggle with negative self-talk. Just think of the things you say to yourself when you make a mistake. Do you say, “You will do much better next time.” Or something more like, “What an idiot! You never do anything right.” Just changing your inner speech can make a big difference in your own psyche and life. Try it!

Start noticing what you talk about. Listen to see if what you are saying is something that you want to have come about in your life or in the life of someone you know. Are you saying positive things that will attract good into your life and into the lives of those you associate with or are you saying things that are negative and will produce something that you would rather not have in your life?

All speech is creative. What you talk about comes about. Set a conscious intention today to pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. You have more power than you think so choose your words wisely!