Give Love A Chance

Maintaining an open heart and an open mind to Spirit—being a clear channel for the Divine—being a light worker in the world are one in the same. Walking close to God—being one with nature—loving your fellow man are all a part of the same path. If you think that you must belong to a certain religion to know God, you are mistaken. God is far too comprehensive for any one sect to ever own.

Being raised in a conservative religion it was tempting for me for many years to think that my way of thinking and believing was the only way. This is true for everyone. It is only when our experience of God grows that we realize that God cannot be contained within religion.

Religion can help us find and understand God, but it is only a beginning. God is not doctrine or theology or any ism of any kind. God is the great I Am. We can begin to know God by beginning to know Christ—the God Man.

God is love. Any path of love helps us to understand God better. God is not coercive, shaming, or hateful. Any path that employs these methods will lead us away from God. To know God better we must seek out the path of love.

Your relationship and connection to God can be ascertained by your capacity to love God, yourself, and others. Your capacity to love grows in direct proportion to your connection with God. We cannot love apart from God.

For the world to change from a place of hatred to a place of love, it must be filled with loving people. The only heart that we are in charge of is our own. The only way for that heart to change is to give it to a God of love to transform it. It is not a difficult solution. God has already provided all of the means necessary for us to access Divine love. The difficulty is in our disinterest, unbelief, and resistance to be filled with love.

When we look at the alternatives to love, why do we hesitate to give ourselves over to God’s makeover plan? God can be trusted to do what is in our best interests. Why not give love a chance?