A Good Idea Waiting to Happen

God created you with infinite potential. Do you believe it? I know I have a hard time comprehending this on the days when nothing seems to be going right. We are just like the trees in the springtime—we have buds just waiting to pop open with new talents and abilities. We were created in the image of God, which means that we will continue to unfold our potential throughout eternity.

God designed us to be co-creators. Since God’s resources, ideas, and abilities are limitless when we partner with the Infinite we hook up with unlimited resources! This gives us access to an amazingly abundant life.

The mistake that many of us make is to believe that we will have an abundant life only in a perfect world. Many look forward with longing to the day when Christ will make the earth new again and believe that until then they must live a life of hardship and scarcity.

This is not what Christ taught. He said that He came to give us life and to give it to us abundantly! That abundance is for now. I believe it has something to do with that ever-unfolding potential that we were created with. If I hook up my life right now with an unlimited God, then I have abundance at my doorstep right now.

We often make the mistake of seeing abundance as material things. There are numerous ways that abundance can be manifested in our lives. Hope, love, joy, peace, creativity, compassion, caring, bliss, and delight are some of the other qualities that can be manifested abundantly in our lives. If we only look for the material, we miss out on the abundance that is available to us.

To connect with unfolding potential within me I need to hook up with the abundance of the universe. To begin with, I have to believe that abundance is available right now. I have to believe that new things want to manifest in my life. I have to trust that I have unlimited potentials. In short, if I believe that I have to wait until the “sweet by and by” to have a better life, then that becomes the reality of my life.

When I make an alliance with the Infinite—make a conscious choice to be in relationship with God—then I accelerate my unfolding. When I “put on the mind of Christ” or put on the same type of dependent relationship He had with His Father and the Spirit then the resources that were available to Him become available to me.

This really boils down to a faith issue and an abiding issue. The first issue—faith--I have a hard time believing this is possible so in essence it is impossible in my life until I resolve my doubts. The second issue—abiding--I have to stay in an intimate relationship with God or my source of power and effectiveness will be on again, off again. Remember, God is the source of abundance so that in order to access abundance, I must be in relationship with God and in reality if I stay in relationship, my doubts disappear because I find Source infinitely dependable.

To be a follower of God, to be a light-worker in the world means that I should be constantly discovering more and more of who I am and how I can serve in the world. If you are not finding this true in your own life, check to see if your connection to Source is secure. To fully grow and develop we must be plugged in. Check your power supply and make sure you are tapped in to the abundance God has waiting for you. The best idea just waiting to happen is you!