A Grace-full Life

Life is an on-going process—a continual journey of growing, lagging behind, falling down, and getting up again. We have great moments of discovery and openness and then we seem to get bogged down in the living of life. But life is about keeping on and not giving up. It is a gift really, this process of living, but one that is only appreciated when looked at through the lens of grace.

Grace is the oil that lubricates the difficulties in life. Grace runs the gamut from social graces which are also known as good manners and help us make it through the world with fewer bumps and bruises to the ultimate concept of grace—God’s grace. Which when you look at it is really an amazing example of Divine manners—ignoring our ignorance and obnoxious tendencies--and treating us better than we deserve. We run around like street urchins at times and God treats us as if we had palace manners and knew how to behave.

In other words, God “models’ the good behavior that would be amazing if we ever learned to imitate. Love is something that we see modeled for us by our Divine parents. Kind treatment towards others, thoughtfulness, patience with other’s faults, and forgiveness are some of the things that are on our curriculum and that Heaven has hopes of us someday learning.

Until then, grace is demonstrated in abundance. You see we’ve really been adopted. We live on a war-torn planet, but we have the amazing opportunity to move up in the world from street orphan to royal child of God. But the process of being turned into royal material is a slow one. We were the benefactors of grace from the outset. Our adoption, or really our redemption from a fallen planet was the first great act of grace. Since then, the Divine exhibits grace towards us every day.

Given the fact that we are in training and have the best of teachers who are immensely patient with us, maybe we should demonstrate more grace with ourselves and with others along the way. We really are an awful lot like street urchins at times the way we take offense at one another and act rude and insist on having our own way.

Showing up every day to spend time with Spirit is a great way to grow and it encourages not only our soul, but also the people we live with and the teachers we have in this life. We do this through study of sacred writings, prayer and meditation. Helping others along the path is also a good way to grow in grace.

I don’t know how your training is coming along, but I know that mine bumps along. I think the general trend is in the upward direction with an occasional glitch here and there--which is encouraging. One thing I do know is that my adoption is secure and not in question. When I will be ready to graduate from my lessons is uncertain. I believe they go on indefinitely.

Bur I’m eternally grateful for grace. It is something I’m freely given every day and I pray to remember to extend that same grace to others along the way. It certainly makes the journey a lot easier for all of us. Thank God for a life full of grace!