Happy Mother's Day!

Today in the United States we celebrate mothers. It is a day of breakfast in bed, burnt toast, sticky kisses, and construction paper cards. At least those are my memories of when my children were little. I used to stay in bed listening to their whispered voices as they scurried around the kitchen making me something special for breakfast. Did I forget to mention the smell of burnt eggs? They would come in proudly carrying a tray decorated with whatever they could find that they thought might make me happy. I remember a dandelion bouquet or two along the way.

I remember growing up and trying to come up with something that would make my mother feel extra special that day. How could I let her know that she was the most important person in my young life? There just weren’t the right words or a pretty enough card to tell her what was in my heart.

Perhaps God feels a bit the same way. “ How do I let them know how much I love them?” “What could I do that will let them know that they are so important to me?” Everywhere I look I see evidence that God wants to tell me that I am loved. Nature is resplendent with the beauty of blooming flowers, birds of every variety and color, mountains and canyons, the oceans, rivers, and lakes, and the panoply of the heavens spread out above us. And then when we still seemed to doubt, God sent the Son to demonstrate the love of Heaven.

God is everything to us. Just like trying to tell my mother how much I cared, how do I express my love to the God of All That Is? God tried to make it easier for me to understand the awesomeness of the great I Am. I am created in the dual aspects of God--God the Father/Warrior/Energy and God as Mother/Spirit/Protector/Guardian. Christ is the bridge that brings humanity and God together. He has restored communion between heaven and earth.

Because God has described Himself/Herself/Itself in terms that I can identify with, I can relate to Divinity in a personal, understandable way. This does not lessen who God is, but it creates an intimacy with the unknowable. It makes it possible for me to take my burnt toast, sticky kisses, and construction paper cards and present them as an offering of my heart. God accepts my childish ways and smiles at the love that is being sent.

To make the heart of God completely happy just think how nice it would be if we would honor the Divine in all of creation? Do we see the face of God in each person? Do we honor the dual aspects of the masculine and feminine within ourselves? Do we bring our wounding and misunderstandings to God for healing? For Mother’s Day this year, why not bring hearts of gratitude and praise to the Creator for all that has been done for us? Even God appreciates burnt offerings and dandelion bouquets.