Serving Up Joy

God has something beautiful in mind for your life! Do you believe it? You are an aspect of God—a unique creative idea in the mind of the Divine. Embrace the thought that God made you to be a one-of-a-kind reflection of Itself. Do you live your life as if you thought that being who you are matters? Or do you live as if finding your calling and path in life is optional?

Indeed, finding out the unique path that belongs only to you is optional. Many people live and die and never know or understand their personal truth. How sad. You can live your whole life asleep to the possibilities that God has in mind for you. A life full of joy is waiting for you to claim, but you can pass it up through inattention and sedation.

To live who you are is to live a life full of joy and bliss. Spreading God’s love in service to others is the pathway that opens up endless possibilities and never ending new beginnings. Every gift we are given is given in order to better serve. If we want an exciting life we access it by volunteering for service in the Kingdom of Love.

You see God’s kingdom is always about giving in love to others. “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Christ reminded us that in order to find our lives in this world we must first lose them. This is a Gnostic principle that awakens us to the idea that we find true meaning in life by serving others.

All spiritual disciplines should grow us into better light workers in the universe. Every gift is bestowed in order to bless others. When you look at the gifts of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control, they are all gifts that serve to make our world a better place to live. They make us nicer more giving people.

The path of joy is the path of service. By opening yourself up to the possibilities of how God created you to uniquely serve in this world, you open yourself up to a life of joy. Joy is not dependent upon outer circumstances. It is based upon an inner life that is grounded in the knowledge that you are loved, that you are gifted in order to serve, and that you are guided each day as needed in order to know how to best do those things.

Healing comes into our lives when we open our hearts to God’s inner beauty makeover plan. When we begin to understand the deeper meaning of why we are here and whom we are here to serve, beauty starts to flow from our lives and healing takes place as we begin to reach out to share God’s love and acceptance with others. By sharing the love and acceptance we have received from God, we heal from the deep wounds of loss, heartbreak, fear, and scarcity.

All of this is within our power of choice. By choosing to believe in the love of God, by choosing to spend time knowing God, by choosing a path a service you will be given the tools and gifts you need to have a life filled with joy. The gifts are God’s. The choice is ours. Choose wisely and walk forth to a life filled with joy.