Something Beautifull--You!

God loves beauty. Just take a look around at all of the amazing varieties of flowers, trees, and shrubs. There have been several rain showers today with some fairly stunning displays of wind, hail, and rain all mixed in together with sun breaks. When the sun comes out after the dark clouds have passed, the light shining on the wet leaves and grass is breathtaking. The colors in the ever-changing sky and the light patterns are an artistic display of nature’s handiwork.

What I was most struck with today was the amazing variety that one sees in nature and in the storms. If you don’t like the weather—no problem—it will change again in the next few minutes. It seems that life is fairly similar to the changeability of nature. If you don’t like what’s going on right now—no problem—it will change again soon.

We live in a fast-paced world. Things are moving more rapidly than ever before. Sometimes it can be hard to catch your breath. If you are not careful you can be caught up in a whirlwind of activity and lose your sense of grounding and centeredness. When we have no time for reflection we start to lose a sense of our own inner beauty.

God made each person unique. We are each a reflection of some part of who God is. It is not in our busy-ness that we most reflect God’s likeness it is in our quietness. When the soul is quieted we become better reflectors of what God has created within us.

We get so caught up in doing. It is inevitable. The garbage has to be taken out, the kids driven to school, the house cleaned, the lawn mowed, the bills paid. All of these things are essential and important, but what happens is that we start to identify with what we do. Ask someone who they are and they will usually tell you what they do. The “soccer mom” phenomena is a good example of this—moms whose whole identity gets tied up in what the children are doing because it absorbs the majority of her time.

Is there a way to keep from over-identifying with what we do and start to identify with who we are? After all, our roles and activities change over time. We can run the range from single to married, children to empty-nesters, career driven to retirement—all with different activities involved in each stage. In order to avoid an identity crisis during any of life’s transitions we need to have an identity beyond our “doing”.

“Who am I?” is a difficult question to answer. It is an answer we look for most of our lives. It expands and grows over time. I should keep discovering new things about my identity all of the time. We were created with infinite potential. Like a teacher of mine likes to say, “Most of you hasn’t even shown up yet!”

One thing I know for certain. God made me beautiful. I was created to reflect some part of who God is. That makes me pretty high caliber material. I am made of the finest. Part of what I am here to learn is about waking up to my potential and realizing that I am a reflection of God’s beauty. It is only when I can quiet my busy life long enough to take the time to remember this that I start to know who I am.

Spending time with God every day is part of remembering who I am. In the quiet of study, prayer and meditation, I hear the quiet voice of Spirit whispering the truth of what’s in my soul. This is what I want to know more than anything else. It is worth taking the time to shut out the noise and busy-ness of life for a while to seek the answers.

Give yourself the best gift possible today by taking the time to reflect on the beauty that God created in your soul. If you have a hard time seeing the face of the Creator reflected in you use that as an incentive to spend the time getting to know the One who made you until you see that you are a child of God.