You're Richer Than You Think

What would you do if you just won millions of dollars? Buy a house? Go on vacation? Give money to friends and family? Donate to charity? Start your own business? We are always dreaming about what we would do if we only had more money. It seems like money would solve so many problems. When we stop to think about it a little more we realize that we would still have problems, but many times we are tempted to believe that they would be much easier to solve and handle than the ones we currently have.

This belief that money would solve our problems is a myth. Regardless of how much money we have or don’t have, life has struggles and difficulties. Finances are only one of them. OK, so at least I wouldn’t have that struggle. Wrong. Having money is no guarantee that we will be doing what makes us happy in life.

In our gravitational, three-dimensional planet we encounter resistance at every step. Pushing through resistance, struggling, surmounting difficulties, and overcoming obstacles are part of living life. It is our attitude towards them that makes all of the difference. Money is only a tool we use in this world to accomplish certain things. It is one of many obstacles to be overcome.

We use the lack of money as an excuse to not do certain things. We use the excuse that if only we had more money, if only we won the lottery, that we would then do what we are not doing now. There are many ways to accomplish things. Resources are needed to do certain jobs. But thinking that we have to own all of the money that something requires in order to do it is a fallacy. It keeps us stuck right where we are, only dreaming of doing something and never doing it.

When you think of it, it’s rather a comfortable place to be. You really never have to progress any farther than dreaming about it because it is so impossible to accomplish. You are always waiting for your ship to come in so there’s never any real work to be done towards your “someday” dream. You are always dependent on outer circumstances to make your dreams come true. You have effectively given your power away along with your dream.

What would happen if instead of asking the question about what I would do with millions of dollars I asked the question, “What would I do with unlimited ideas?” “What would I do if money were no object?” “What would I do with unlimited time?” These are the power questions in life. They will help you find out what is really important to you. The answers to these questions hold secrets to where you should be heading.

Money, time, and resources are all excuses we make for not doing what we know we should be doing. If I would attend school if I had the money, that is telling me that furthering my learning is important and I need to pursue many different options for doing that. It will take planning and commitment, but a trip to the library is free and it’s a great place to start.

If I would start my own business if I had the money, learning about the industry I’m interested in is an important thing to have on my “to do” list. Meeting people who do what I want to do should be a priority. Exploring alternative pathways to beginning in the direction of my desires is a must if I want to be true to myself.

When we take away the excuses for why we don’t do something we are left with the question of how important is it to us really? If we really want to do something, why don’t we? There are many alternatives to accomplishing things in life. There are volumes written about reaching goals and making dreams come true. How badly do we really want what we think we want?

It’s interesting that the only things that truly satisfy are the true desires of our hearts. We can think that something material will really make us happy, and it does for a time. But in reality, true happiness comes from doing what we were really destined to do. It is doing who we are. We have made a soul covenant with God that is an agreement about why we are here. When we are true to that, we find contentment and happiness.

It is easy to hang out in fantasies that get us nowhere. Dreaming about money is one of them. There are dozens of others. Dreaming about what God really designed me to do in life is a better use of one’s imagination. It is empowering and enabling to understand that all of the resources are available or will become available to me when I spend my time and energy towards fulfilling my covenant with God. It is what brings true joy and happiness in life and is of far more value than all of the lotteries of the world combined. You see, you are already rich! Your job is to figure out where your treasure is.