The sound of the rolling waves filled my ears as we walked along the beach that was encrusted with millions of tiny pieces of broken shells. It’s not the kind of beach you can walk on with your bare feet. There are sandy patches but much of the beach is covered with sharp shells. I tried alternating between bare feet and sandals and finally gave up walking in the water, as it was too rough to be comfortable.

The ocean is a great place to be. Living near the coast, I have often spent time listening to it’s sounds when I have had life-changing decisions to make. I came across a saying in a little shop in Canon Beach that was by the famous writer, Anonymous. It said, “I come to the sea to breathe”. Ahhhh…Breathe In-breathe out. In. Out. The ocean is a great place to breathe and a great place to Be. The rhythm of the waves puts you in touch with your own internal rhythms and helps you to recognize and hear the beat of your heart and the song of your own soul.

Breath has life in it. It is rejuvenating and clarifying. You take in something living and transform it into life energy. Amazing. Magic, really. The gift Spirit gives us of life. It contains re-creative powers and helps us to find our own truth.

Do you take time to breathe in the beauty of life? How about breathing in Spirit? It is wonderful to breathe in the possibilities of life. Spirit wants to partner with us in manifesting beauty in the world. We breathe in the Spirit. We breathe out love to the world. In. Out. Ahhhh…The magical transformation of breath into action.

We had come to the beach to learn and grow. It was a perfect place to do soul work and to ask those important questions in life, “Why am I here?” “Who am I serving?” “What do I most need to know?” It was this last question that had me walking the beach. “Where am I now and what do I most need to know?” It can be painful to ask meaningful questions, but unless they are asked, you receive no answer.

Much of our “stuckness” in life comes from not asking the right question. We are so consumed with getting the right answers that we often fail to ask the right questions. Asking the right question will precipitate the right answer. Questions are powerful. They point us in the right direction. I was at the beach to learn the right question.

It is the Spirit who brings us the answer. It is the Spirit that brings clarity and helps to put together the many pieces in our life and helps us to make sense of the patterns that we have a hard time seeing. It is the Spirit that gives us a higher perspective and helps us to understand how the experiences and lessons in life we have gone through are growing us into light workers in the world. Breathe in Spirit. Breathe out understanding and growth. In. Out. Ahhhh…Spirit’s transformative powers bring clarity and healing.

Just like the rhythms of the ocean’s waves beat in time, so does our body have a natural rhythm of breath, that if we tune into it we can come into harmony with an inner sense of peace and knowing. We just have to take the time to listen, breathe, be still, and allow ourselves to hear the sound of the ocean waves beating a pattern that we can understand and recognize as the answer to what we are asking.

God always sends the answer. “Be still and know that I Am God” is more than just a text in the Bible that is poetic, it is an answer waiting to be found by you and taken to heart and treasured and used to transform and be multiplied. Magic really. Go ahead—breathe—Ahhhh…healing love, beauty, wholeness.