Be Who You Are

We all have something unique to share with the world. We each one have a special ministry—a path of service to others. God has given us gifts that are unique to us—we come in an individual package designed exquisitely by Spirit. The problem that most of us have is that some where along the path of life we have forgotten who we are. Part of our spiritual unfolding is to remember why we are here and who we are.

We can all think back to experiences in life that made us forget. Remarks that were made by parents, teachers, and friends that encouraged us to deny what we knew and felt inside. This happens to everyone. We all forget—some of us more than others. Regardless of what has happened in your life, your job is to remember who you are and how you are needed to serve in this world in the unique way that only you can.

Your life story becomes the backdrop for your ministry. The things that look like mistakes and blunders become the very things that you use to develop your lesson book. When mastered, these lessons are the gifts you have to teach and share with others in the world. Thus, everything begins to fit together as you remember that you were created to be who you are.

If this sounds like it is stating of the obvious—it is—and yet it isn’t. Many times we don’t know that we’ve forgotten why we are here or who we really are. We have developed an elaborate life around some of the lies we have bought in to. To wake up and realize that maybe we need to change course can be expensive. This is where we need courage.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens us. It takes courage to move through fear. We will always experience fear when we realize that there is something inside of us that we have been denying or forgetting. It is scary to make changes and it is scary to tell others that you are about to make a change in direction. There are many voices telling us not to be true to our soul’s calling and purpose in life because it may inconvenience or confuse them.

To listen to your heart and your soul in the process of remembering also takes faith. You have to believe that you can remember and that the remembering is worth it. Faith helps us to believe in something even when we don’t fully understand or see clearly. We have to disconnect from fear to embrace faith.

Our reason for being here is to serve. The first step in truly serving the Universe is to be who we are. Every lesson we go through helps us to develop those unique gifts that we will use to serve. Being true to ourselves, identifying our gifts, dedicating them to service to others opens the door to true freedom. Joy steps into our lives. It is exciting to be alive.

Thank God today that you are who you are. Ask to be reminded of why you are here. Volunteer to be of service. Respond with a heart of gratitude and watch what amazing things Spirit is waiting to do through you today.