The Beauty of Being You

Do you know who you are—really? Describe yourself without referring to your career, your gender, your religion, or the roles you play in life. Does that leave you with much to say? If you’re like most people your immediate response is something like, I’m a writer, a mother, I like to ride horses, and I live in Oregon. Those are interesting facts. But they are not who you are. Those are things you do. Who are you outside of “doing”?

That’s a lot harder question to answer. That puts me closer to describing character qualities and soul attributes. That is a lot more difficult. Can I really talk about my soul? There are some good things and that might sound like bragging. There may be some problems I've acquired along the way and that might be embarrassing. And, frankly, there are some things that I really don’t know anything about yet.

What would happen if when you applied for a job the only thing you could submit would be a soul portrait—a picture of who you are on an essential level--your higher self, and whom you are here to serve. That might solve a lot of problems about people being mismatched in jobs that they might be qualified for on a traditional application, but extremely unqualified for at a soul level.

You can already see that this is problematic. Most of us don’t really have a clear picture of our own soul portrait. We would probably deny it if we saw it. “Oh, that’s not me. Couldn’t be. I know nothing about that quality or trait.” We are very familiar with our doing and much less familiar with our being.

Who did God create you to Be? It is the age-old question of “Who am I?” You are a one-of-a-kind idea in the mind of Source. You are unique. Until you find out who you are meant to Be, you will be consumed only with what you do.

How in this world do we discover who we are on an essential (essence) level—what our soul imprint (God’s design) looks like? The best possible way is to go to the One who created you and spend time getting to know the Creator. It is only from the Source that you truly receive answers and insight into who you were created to be and how you uniquely reflect Source.

Studying sacred writings from different spiritual traditions gives us insight into God. Meditating (listening/being/not doing), prayer, and service to others are spiritual practices that if exercised over time create an opening for the Spirit to communicate with us about our purpose here on earth.

This is pursuing gnosis. It is seeking wisdom and relationship with God. It is about a relationship that is built on trust in the Divine and placing yourself on a spiritual path that helps to put you in alignment with the infinite resources of the Universe. God will reveal to you over time who you are and whom you are here to serve. You will begin to see that the gifts and talents in your life are there for a reason. Your difficult experiences in life will reveal themselves to you as valuable teachers. You will see the beauty of each person when viewed from a soul level.

It is from this perspective that we begin to see that love binds us all together. Everyone is beautiful when viewed from the lens of Spirit. When we understand someone’s soul, we see their beauty even if they don’t see it themselves or are not acting upon it. As we begin to live our lives from a soul level versus the level of ego, our identity will be less tied up in what we do. We will feel compelled to be agents in helping others become who they were meant to be.

True joy is experienced in being who you are. Ego keeps us mired in competition with one another and materialism has a magnetic pull that lures us off the spiritual path. It sounds like a tall order. But it is worth showing up everyday to find out what great ideas God has and what new thing you are here to learn.