Do You Know Where You Are?

Have you ever been lost? It is a frightening experience. The first time I remember being lost was at the Denver zoo when I was about six years old. I was engrossed with some exhibit or animal and when I turned around I could not see anyone I knew. I waited, but nothing changed. I was lost. Of course, I wasn’t really lost; I just didn’t know where my parents or friends were. I was in the Denver zoo, but knowing that didn’t change my sense of not knowing where I was and the frightening sense of being alone.

Many people talk of their experiences of being lost and how they would walk in circles coming back over and over again to the same spot. Our soul development is an awful lot like the experience of being lost. We can go around and around the same lesson feeling that we are getting nowhere and wondering if we will ever find our way out of the confusion and frustration and the sense of being alone. We just want to know where we are and how to be someplace else.

Of course, we are not really lost. Where we are is exactly where we need to be to learn what we need to know at that time. We sometimes circle around the same lesson over and over again because it can take us awhile to realize what the circumstance we find ourselves in is trying to teach us. It is not always clear and it can take us some time feeling “lost” in the woods to finally wake up and realize where we are and what we need to know.

When we finally do “wake up” and understand and learn the lesson, we are no longer lost but can clearly see where we are. This is also called a soul initiation. Whenever we learn something and are free to move on, it is a graduation of sorts, a time to celebrate. We are moving forward to new lessons and greater responsibility.

It would be nice if we could hear a bell ring or something or have a heavenly visitor show up and say, “Congratulations! You’ve finally understood what “that” was all about and mastered the things you need to know that all of your life circumstances were trying to teach you and you are being moved on to the next most important thing you need to know”. In fact, we eventually do gain a greater sense that we have graduated and that all of Heaven is celebrating with us. We’re just not that tuned in to begin with!

Life is a continual process of waking up to the fact that we’ve been lost in the process of learning something difficult. We need to learn to celebrate our victories of growth and awareness. Lessons learned are often learned at a dear price. Practicing compassion with ourselves and with others is a true gift. Extending patience and forgiveness also helps with the process.

The exciting thing about life is that it can be an adventure in growing into our potential. Rather than seeing our hard times and our personal “stuff” as some wicked garment that we’ve been yoked with, we can begin to understand that we are always in the process of letting go of what no longer serves us and growing more and more into the light-ness of the path of healing and restoration. Some call this redemption—for surely it is a redemptive process of waking up from our enslavement to ego, materialism, and scarcity, to a life of soulfulness, Spirit, and abundance.