Find Your Voice

After so many years of silence, women are finally finding their voices in the world. You have to search through the records of history to get little glimpses of the role that women have played. Their voices are strangely and eerily silent. They are the quiet players behind the scenes—an important voice of at least half the population unheard from and unknown. It is part of the wounded feminine of our planet.

Women carry the wound in their bodies and in their heritage. The legacy of silence, the ability and right to have a voice and be heard, the need to be able to say “yes” or “no”, has stopped the voice and energy of women for thousands of years. But this is beginning to change. With the reemergence of the voice of women in our world we have hope for healing.

When you read the stories in the Bible you search for glimpses of the role of women and the legacy that they left. Stories of Esther, Ruth, Naomi, Sarah, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and women in the early Christian church let you know that women contributed much to their world and made a difference. They were women of substance and they had a voice even though the record says very little of the detail of their lives. The record of their voice is obscure but the effects of their lives remain.

What happens when you lose the ability to speak your truth in the world? What is lost when you remain silent when you wish to speak? How often do women not say what they feel they need to say because they are afraid of making someone uncomfortable or that they will be punished in some way if they do, even if that person has violated a boundary? What happens to the soul of woman when she remains in relationships that refuse to hear her and deny the reality of her feelings and thoughts?

Silence of truth, the loss of a soul’s contribution, is a loss to our planet. We are each one unique. We have a special truth to tell to the world. When our voice is lost, the planet suffers. To begin to heal we must truly learn to speak and also learn to listen to the truth of each other.

To honor the feminine is to honor the vulnerable. Women carry within their bodies the womb of life. Pregnancy and childbirth make them vulnerable. This has been devalued and even called vulgar by some, but the planet would cease to exist without the womb of woman. The voice of the feminine is the voice of new life. It holds the seeds of creativity, love, and light.

The belief in the Divine Feminine, that God created humankind in the image of feminine and masculine is crucial to our learning to honor the feminine on our planet. There is a law that tells us that “As above, so below”. Our current, primarily masculine view of God does not reflect the reality of God but it reflects our wounded picture of God. That is why the feminine voice of God has also been silenced. When we learn to acknowledge the feminine aspects of God, the truth of as above, so below will start to become a reality.

Spirit and wisdom represents the feminine of God. It is the indwelling, the mysterious aspect of an ever-present God through the power of Spirit that we seem to have a harder time understanding. Our picture of a very old father figure with the masculine qualities of control and dominion never seem to be balanced out by a mother figure with the nurturing, tending, loving qualities of the feminine. Some people run from the notion that we should include the feminine in the Godhead.

But this is beginning to change. Our world is hungry for a balancing picture of God. As women wake up and start to speak in the world, they have spoken up about the lack of a nurturing, caring picture of God. Where is the feminine of God that is mentioned in the creation story? What have we done with the dual aspects of God’s character?

Our planet will begin to heal, women will begin to heal, and men will begin to heal when we develop a more balanced picture of God and learn to honor the voice of women—the voice of the feminine in All That Is and in ourselves. To lose your voice is to lose your ministry. It is to lose your avenue of service in the world. When this happens, the unique picture of God that you are here to represent is lost and cannot be replaced.

Don’t you think its time to be heard? It does not require ranting and raving, but true soul searching and an honest voicing of what is in your soul. You have something of value to contribute to the world that no one else can. The planet needs the voice of Spirit filled women to speak out with the words of wisdom and love that will help all of us to find ourselves and grow into a fuller, richer future.

Ask for Spirit to fill you and give you the courage to speak the truth of your soul. Believe in the beauty of the soul’s message. Have the fortitude and perseverance to discover and understand why you are here and what your unique ministry is to the world. You can make a difference. You already do.