A Higher View

We were recently traveling across the United States in an airplane. Viewing the world from the sky is so different than traveling by car. You get an entirely different perspective when you are up over 30,000 feet in the air. We flew through some clouds around sunset and seeing the light, wispy streaks of clouds with the red tinge of the setting sun was magical. The winding Ohio River snaked lazily around down below with seemingly no place in particular to go. The land was neatly plotted out like a quilting project. The sky stayed light far longer than usual as we headed west towards the setting sun.

Sometimes in life we need a larger perspective. We need to see things from above. Down below the winding river can seem straight, the sun seems to disappear, and one farm can seem like a whole world. The same is true of problems. Life can seem to make no sense. Trouble can appear to go on forever. Patterns are difficult to recognize. It’s all a matter of perspective.

When you see your life from a different frame of reference, you start to see a larger pattern, a bigger plan. What can look like a series of mistakes, what can appear to make no sense, looks beautiful and symmetrical when seen through the lens of your soul covenant. A soul covenant is why we are here. It is God’s master plan for our lives.

We are each called. We are each chosen to do a special work. We can choose to be a part of that, or we can choose not to. Our free choice is supreme and God will never force anything on us. But if you are seeking, if you are searching for God, then you can be certain that you are searching for Divine will in your life and that it will be made known to you as you continue down the path.

This is where a higher perspective comes into play. If we could view our lives from the perspective of above, we would see a beautiful pattern. We would realize that it all makes sense. The winding of the river is not aimless—it is going to where it needs to go. The sun is always present, just shining in different places. If we live from the perspective of the moon, the light will always be reflected off of us no matter where the sun is shining.

Ultimately, God created us to reflect light—the light of the Divine. Everything that happens in our lives is meant to help us shine the light of Source into the world. God chooses to dance with us and uses us as an instrument to reach out into the world. When we understand that we have a higher purpose and that God is directing our path, yet at the same time respecting our freedom of choice, we can have confidence that a beautiful pattern and path of service will emerge from what appears random and chaotic.

The closer we walk with Source, the more access we allow Spirit to have in our lives, the more clearly we will begin to see our lives from a larger perspective. The pattern becomes radiant with the realization that we have been guided each step of the way and that the difficult lessons have prepared us to serve.

Next time you are feeling down about your life, mentally hop on a plane and see what you can imagine the pattern of your life might look light. What is emerging? What patterns do you see? What lessons have you been learning? Where might this be leading you to help others along the way? There is absolutely nothing that can happen in your life or that has already happened that can’t be used in some way to help others. No experience is lost—no heartache exists that can’t be redeemed. Everything is useful. It is just a matter of perspective.

Your life, when viewed from above, makes perfect sense, and you are unfolding exactly as you should be. Take confidence and be grateful that you are being helped and guided to the extent that you allow Divine energies to assist you along the way. Even our war-torn, scarred planet is beautiful when viewed from a higher perspective. God has a plan for our world and we can know that it will all make sense when we see the bigger picture. Walk forth into the beauty of God’s plan and purpose for your life. Rejoice that God made you to Be who you are.