Into The Sunshine

It’s drizzling here today. In Oregon, it is also known as liquid sunshine. It is not the kind of rainstorm you see at times or more often in other parts of the United States—the big dark clouds, rolling thunder, strikes of lightening, and high winds. No, this is just a lazy rain. It falls slowly from the sky and is in no particular hurry to go anywhere anytime soon. It wanders through.

There are certain trials in our lives that tend to wander through, also. They are in no particular hurry to leave. You don’t have to run for cover, but they definitely get you wet. Eventually, you tire of the constant drizzle or annoyance they bring into your life. They are the issues of procrastination.

What have you been putting off in your life? What do you know needs to change but you just can’t quite get up a head of steam about to tackle? What do you avoid? What are you not doing that you know would make a difference in your life? Avoiding them, ignoring them, or pretending that they have little affect in your life doesn’t keep you from experiencing the dampness that putting off resolution to them brings into your life.

It is interesting to take note of the things that you are putting off dealing with. Of course, there are the chores of creating order in your life—the things that need straightening, putting away, sorted out, or disposed of. There are issues of spiritual development—creating time to do soul work, reading, meditating, prayer, and service. There are relationship issues—unresolved conflicts, conversations to be shared, and time to be carved from a busy schedule. There are career issues and facing the discontentment of a job you are not fitted for.

All of our issues can seem small—of no real importance—but when they are neglected over time they create a serious block in our development. They keep us from moving forward. Unattended they become much more than a drizzle, they become the landscape of our lives—a trend and direction. We wander right along with the storm, becoming accustomed to its grayness and never moving out into the sunshine. We become stuck.

Life can go along for years with nothing ever really changing. You can still need to restore order in your life, move past difficult relationships, create time for spiritual development, or begin that new career. Procrastination becomes a sinister prison guard locking you into a cell of your own creation.

What we need sometimes is a good swift kick in the seat of the pants. We have been lulled to sleep by the slow moving drizzle. Since we can still navigate through our lives without too much discomfort we become used to the inconvenience of moving around in a less than ideal environment. We forget that there is real sunshine to be had out there and are content to live in the gray.

What would it take to get your attention and wake you up enough to deal with the issues of procrastination in your life? We are all stuck somewhere. Where are you stuck now? Where would you like to step into the sunshine and make changes in your life?

Busy-ness keeps us from looking at the important issues in life while the urgent demands our attention. Carve some time out of your life to look at what is truly important. Shine some light onto what is trying to happen in your life. Take the time to ask Source what is trying to emerge in your life right now. Ask for the courage to move past your procrastination into the things that are trying to manifest in your life but have been kept out by your inattention. Prepare to be amazed at what God wants to do in your life today.