Living A Beautiful Life

Life is a series of choices ranging from the mundane to the important—and let’s not forget the urgent. Most of us do not have too much difficulty with the choices we make that we give thoughtful consideration—it’s the urgent ones, the mundane ones, and the ones we make when we are exhausted or discouraged which get us into trouble.

Our emotional responses suffer when we are tired. When pressed to make expensive decisions on the spur of the moment, it is hard to be rational and calm. Sometimes we are so tired of making the everyday choices of life that we neglect to be careful with the little things.

If there were a warning sign posted over every decision that said, “Choose wisely, you’ll have to live with this decision for a long time.” Or, “Think again, your choices are adding up to make an ugly mess of your life.” It would be easier to make thoughtful decisions and you could certainly avoid a lot of mistakes in your life.

Its not so much the big choices we mess up with (although I’ve messed up some of those but in Earth School those are called “lessons”) it’s the small everyday things that make our lives either beautiful or mundane.

Taking notice of the beauty in the world and the beautiful in people is the beginning of a life beautifully lived. Paying attention to the lovely details that surround us such as the color of the sky, the smell of a rose, and the freshness of a cool breeze lifts our spirits and changes our focus from the mundane to the beautiful. Taking time to smell the proverbial roses is more than just a good idea—it is essential to living a beautiful life.

I have always struggled to stay in the present. My mind wanders to the past or skips forward to the future. Staying in the present is necessary to appreciating the beauty of today. Enjoying the process—not just anticipating the outcome—is what we need in our fast-paced, frantic culture that is goal-oriented and production conscious.

How lovely it is to step outside of the hamster wheel that we get on in life and pay attention to where we’re going and how we’re getting there. The journey goes by fast enough as it is. Art, music, nature, and spiritual endeavors all call to us to open our eyes and ears to the sights and sounds and wonders of creation. The sky at night beckons us to ponder the eternal. The most beautiful things in life invite our attention and call for us to slow down long enough to breathe in the essence of the beauty of living.

Meditating is a great way to slow down your mind and your life and focus on quiet and Being in the present moment. In the quietness, you open your heart and mind to Spirit making the perfect start for having a beautiful day. Having something beautiful from nature close at hand in your workspace—a vase of flowers or a plant—or spending part of your day outside if possible is a sure way to introduce beauty into your life.

Small, daily choices that foster inner beauty and put you in contact with outer beauty are the beginnings of living a beautiful life. By paying attention, you can turn your life into something filled with more beauty today. A few small changes make all the difference.