Nature Restores

To celebrate the beginning of summer I have been planting flowers. I love to wander around the local plant grower and nursery and see the amazing variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, and garden toys that they have. I also like pulling around the little green wagons they provide for you to place your plants on while you shop.

It seems that you can find just about anything your heart might desire when it comes to the green and growing. Even exotic, tropical plants are available in our less than tropical Northwest location. Imagine, Hawaiian flowers in Oregon—at least until winter comes and moves them indoors.

It is restorative and healing to spend time in nature. The living plants and the beauty they share with us are a blessing that never gets old. It is hard to be unhappy in the presence of smiling flowers. Much of the grumpiness and bad manners we see on the freeway might result from the lack of peace and interaction with nature that being among growing, living plants provides. When surrounded with metal and concrete we seem to mirror similar qualities

Just as we make time to nurture our spiritual lives with reading, meditation, and prayer, we need to spend time surrounded by the natural and beautiful resources that were created for our enjoyment. Bringing nature inside with fresh flowers adds an invigorating energy and at the same time joy and peace. Taking a walk and hearing the song of the birds lifts our spirits. When we tune into to the symphony of sounds in nature it gives our hearts a tuning.

Next time you are out of sorts, feeling blue, angry or frazzled, try stepping outside and find a quiet spot under a tree or look into the face of a flower. Listen there for the message that God is love. Let it sink into your soul. The beauty that is there is waiting to minister to our hearts and give us a sense of peace and wholeness. We were created to tend and manage the earth. All of creation was made for our enjoyment. Part of our healing is to once again see the message of love from God in all of creation. Remember to take the time to read its message. God loves you!