Clare de lune--By the Light of the Moon

Last night the moon was streaming through one of our bedroom windows. I was delighted by the brightness and dazzled by the beauty—God’s nightlight. I know there is someone that knows exactly what the moon is made of that could explain to me why it reflects light so well—but it probably wouldn’t make any difference. Whether I understand it or not, I love the light that shines into the darkness. There is magic in the moonlight and it reminds me that I am just like the moon.

I don’t have my own source of light, but I am made of reflective material. I’m sure that there is someone who could explain to me just what I’m made of—but it probably wouldn’t make any difference. Whether I understand it or not, I love that God shines light through me. God’s Spirit creates magic in my life.

Why is it that we spend so much of our lives trying to dazzle others with our brilliance and in trying to get others to notice that we are worthwhile? We really only reflect our true brilliance when we become reflective instead of trying to be the source of light ourselves. This is practicing the feminine principle—when we allow Source to shine through us. We balance this with the masculine principle of allowing Source to act through us. We receive and then we give. We are filled up and then we flow out. We are filled up with Love, and then we give Love to the world.

The other thing that I have learned from observing the moon is that its light shines in cycles, waxing and waning. There are times when I am on a roll. It is like the full moon. Things come more easily. I hear the voice of Spirit and feel the inspiration of what I need to do or say. Then things are quieter. I know it is time to spend more time doing inner work, preparing me for greater times of service.

When you stop and think of it, we might burn out if we were always a full moon. God wants us to be “on” to the Spirit all of the time, but that does not mean that we are in full service to the world at all times. Jesus retreated to the quiet gardens or mountains frequently to recharge and connect with God. We have to find a balance between giving and receiving. The cycles of the moon remind me that this is a good thing.

When I was a child I remember lying in the back seat of the car. I would watch the moon outside the car windows. One minute it would be out the passenger side and before I knew it—there it would be out the back window. Then, depending on which direction we had turned it would be back in a different window. I found this amazingly fascinating as a child. I didn’t realize that it “moved” because we had changed directions. I did eventually figure this out—but it was a lot more fun when I thought the moon jumped around for my entertainment!

We are sometimes like children in our belief that the Spirit is for our use and entertainment. In reality, we are only the reflective material that the Spirit can shine through.

Meditation is one way in which we access the Spirit. We come before God and receive of the Love of the Divine and then we send Love out through our lives and into the lives of others. When you sit quietly in meditation, focusing on the Love of God, listening for the voice of Spirit, being filled with Love and being a conduit for Love, you are strengthening your ability to shine light in the world.

The Source is always looking for people who will be lights. Rather than working so hard to create light on our own—let’s take a lesson from the moon and do what we do best and let God do what God does best—shine through us.