The Law of Soul Choice

The Law of Soul Choice is to view everything that happens to you as a choice of your soul. When I start to view my life experiences as personal choices of my soul, selected to help me learn, develop wisdom, and prepare me for ministry in this world, then my life no longer looks like one series of horrible mistakes and missteps. What it does do is help me see the beautiful tapestry and the rich education that all of my life learning opportunities have afforded to me. They have each one helped me to understand the wounding in our world, the brokenness and hurt of relationships gone wrong, the deep longing of the human soul for love, and the depth and beauty of God’s love for us.

When you view your life experiences as those that you have chosen, you are no longer a victim. It is impossible to remain a victim when you claim the lesson that is embedded in each trial. You become a victor when you are able to see all there is to see in something and allow it to make you wiser and more loving.

There is beauty and power in understanding that we have chosen our life experiences. When we realize that we experience things in life in order to learn, grow, and then serve, we are empowered to become who we are meant to be. We stay “stuck” in difficult places for shorter periods of time because we are searching for the lesson we have chosen this experience for.

One day I was meditating on this concept and pictured my entire life’s experiences in my mind, starting from when I was small until the present time. I could divide my experiences into different time frames and so I made each of these time frames into a classroom. So my early and middle childhood was one classroom. My teen years were another classroom. The next decade was another classroom, and so on. Then in each classroom I identified the main players in my life at the time. These were my teachers.

As I walked down the hallway of my own personal school, I stopped into each classroom. I noted who were the main teachers and what lessons I had learned while in them. Some of the teachers were kind and loving. Some of them were not. I learned valuable lessons from each one.

Before I left the classroom, I thanked each teacher for the valuable gift I had received from him or her, including the ones that I had previously hated for my experiences with them. Now I could see that they had given me a valuable life understanding. I forgave them for the pain, and took the lesson as my own.

When I finished visiting the classrooms, I placed the description of the lessons learned on the doorway of each room. I realized that at any time in the future I could come back and visit these to remember the importance of what I had been taught, in case I was tempted to hold any resentment towards my former teachers.

Every lesson learned becomes a tool in our own personal toolbox to build, create, and serve. The possibilities of what we can do with these tools are endless. The sad part, however, is that we are so often unaware that we have a valuable tool. We have failed to see the beauty and richness of our own past and the power that is ours when we let go of blaming and embrace understanding and forgiveness.

Sometimes the pain of our past blinds us to the value of all that we have been through. We can lose our own rich inheritance. Understanding that we have chosen the path we are on will enable us to claim what is rightfully ours—the beauty of our own biography.

The Spirit facilitates our healing and understanding when invited to do so. The promise is ours, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.” Ask for understanding into your own life, seek out its lessons, and open every door to see what valuable thing lies behind it and I guarantee—no God guarantees that you will find beauty in your life.
P.S. Leland Kaiser in his blog, Gnostic Notes, describes the Law of Soul Choice in an essay entitled "You Invited It" . I learned about the wisdom principle from Leland. He is founder of the Two Worlds Wisdom School. There is a link to both websites on the sidebar of this blog. At the Two Worlds site you can read about the 108 Wisdom Laws. They are each perennial wisdom/spiritual laws that govern our universe. I invite you to look at both sites, but watch out, they can change your life!