The Power of Speech

Our thoughts create our reality. What we think makes a difference in the outcome of our lives. We speak our thoughts and in turn create what we talk about. Speech is creative. Words are powerful. Whether spoken or written they influence us. Whether they come out of our own mouth or someone else’s, we are impacted by the power of speech.

Have you ever noticed the affect it has on you when someone tells you that you are looking good today? Your energy level lifts and you feel better. Just the opposite happens when someone observes that you are looking a little ill. Suddenly you can feel your energy drop. Maybe you aren’t feeling so hot after all.

When people believe in us and speak words of encouragement and support, we are encouraged and feel that we can tackle whatever life puts in front of us. When doubt is expressed, we soon begin to doubt ourselves.

It is not only other people’s words that have an impact on us; our own words either encourage or discourage us. Negative self-talk is one of our worst habits. I know a gifted musician who struggles with negative self-talk. They berate themselves with put downs and impatience, totally ignoring the amazing gift that they carry within their very bodies—a God-given gift.

When I make a mistake, my first impulse is to insult myself—usually my intelligence or coordination. It is a bad habit. Considering the power of words, it is no wonder that we struggle with feelings of inadequacy and then pass these feelings on to others in the form of judgments. Almost every judgment we make against someone else is done in an effort to make ourselves feel better or morally superior. And why do we feel so compelled to do this? We are constantly berating our efforts in life and have become our own worst enemy.

In our society and our world, just tune in to the words that you hear swirling around you in the course of the day. There is propaganda to buy something whether it is a product or a cause. There is fear mongering—playing on people’s insecurities, worries, and fears to manipulate political or social support. What our world really needs at this point in history are voices of encouragement, love, and inclusiveness.

Fear breeds exclusiveness and exclusive thinking always hurts someone. What kind of reality are we creating in our world today with our words? Change has to begin in our own thinking. Every time we engage in negative thinking, gossip, slander, and defensiveness we further the negative impacts of speech in our world. Likewise, changing the way we talk to ourselves, refraining from negative talk about others and working for a positive change in our speech will bring a positive change to our world.

Words are more powerful than bullets or bombs. They have the power to end wars or start them. Heal people or wound them. Create or destroy. Each one of us has power with our words. By dedicating ourselves to the right use of our words, by asking Spirit to control our minds and tongues, we will change the world into a better place. By careless use of our words we will create the very negative things that come out of our mouths.

Part of our problem is that we don’t own our own personal power. We think that we don’t make that much difference. But the reality is that we all make a difference. All words are powerful. All speech is creative. Like the words from a Star Wars movie invites and admonishes regarding our choices, “Choose wisely.” Our choices will impact the greater whole for we are all connected.

See what changes you can make in your life today by watching your speech. Substitute negative words for positive ones and see what kind of difference you create in your own life. Be a purveyor of hope rather than one of discouragement. Focus on the beautiful instead of the ugly. Look for things to praise rather than criticize. I guarantee your life will start to become what you focus on for your speech will create your reality. Walk forth today in the beauty that beautiful words and speech create.