Reaching New Heights

When my husband went out to feed the animals this morning, he came back with an amazing story. Our two-month old miniature goat, Daffodil, was standing on the back of one of our horses, Curly Sue! Daffodil is only about twelve inches tall and Curly Sue’s back is about five feet tall. Now unless she has grown wings, jumping that high seems impossible.

Where or where is the camera when you need it? Evidently no one has told Daffodil yet that it is impossible for her to climb onto the back of a horse. She just saw the opportunity (the utility tractor was standing nearby and it was only a couple of feet to jump from the hood of it to the back of the horse) and she went for it.

It must be great to view life from those heights. I’m sure it gave her a whole new perspective, and Curly Sue had a goat for a rider for the very first time. A good time was had by all! I wonder how many opportunities I have missed out on because I was afraid I might miss my target and land in a heap on the ground? I have played it safe when there have been opportunities to see life from new heights

Part of a growing partnership with Spirit is to move forward. When we stretch our limits to share the Spirit with others, we go out on a limb, but the Universe responds by supplying our needs. How often do we do nothing for fear we don’t have the right thing to say or that we don’t have all the answers? We play it safe and lose the opportunity to help others see the world from new heights.

In order to grow, we have to move beyond our comfort zone. The good news is that this is what creates an opportunity that the Spirit just can’t resist and that is to help us see life from a new vista. We form a trust relationship with Spirit. We find that God is reliable and won’t jump out from under us and as a result we are able to go places and see things that we never dreamed possible.

What would you do if you thought you wouldn’t fail? What dream would you pull out and dust off if you thought it would succeed? It is easy for us to stop dreaming because we’ve learned to be reasonable and practical. Somewhere along the way we were told or started to believe that the things we dreamed of were impossible and we might fail if we tried them.

Fortunately, Daffodil doesn’t have anyone around telling her that she is too small and that the horse is too big. She had some assistance getting to where she could not have gotten by herself. The tractor was there and acted as a sort of intermediary, helping her to reach her goals. The Spirit does the same thing for us. When we want to do something great for the world, when we have a desire to serve in a large way, God acts to help us accomplish what we could never do on our own.

Just like the story of Jesus with the five loaves and two small fish turning into enough food to feed 5,000 people, our efforts our multiplied by the Spirit to accomplish great things. Of course God could do all of this without our help, but God likes to mentor us in being co-creators with Source. Our Creator doesn’t want to have all the fun—our Creator wants to partner with us. In this way, we grow, learn, and become a partner with Spirit.

What the world needs now is more daring persons who are willing to partner with Spirit to do amazing things to help our planet. What do you want to do that would make a difference in your life or in the life of those around you? If just getting up and making it through your day is a giant feat—God is up to the task. If you’re ready to impact your neighborhood and community—no problem—God can handle that. Have a bigger project in mind—no worries—God’s got the whole world in one hand!