Share What You Learn

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to play “school”. I would sit my younger sister down in a chair and set up at a desk that my parents had in the basement and proceed to teach my sibling everything that I had learned to the present time. If I was learning math, then I was teaching her to add and subtract. If I was mastering new words, then I was teaching her those words. Needless to say, she was not always as excited about what I was trying to teach as I was, but she would play along until she tired of the whole thing.

We have an innate desire to teach what we learn. Part of our soul development depends on our passing on the information that we learn to others. We are meant to be channels of light and information, not great, stagnant collecting ponds. Anything we hoard starts to clog and back up our Source. What is not shared starts to become stale and less powerful in our lives.

This is not only true of information and spiritual insights it is also true of our possessions. We are meant to share our resources with others. A closet packed to the overflowing with clothes can become a noose around our necks, holding us back from further growth and development. A house overcrowded with too many things weighs us down from moving onward on our spiritual journey. Too much spiritual food that is not shared with others soon grows stale and we can grow fat and pompous.

Our ego tends to take over when it has too much “stuff”. If we remain in a state of giving away the resources that we are given, it helps us to move our center of power from our ego over to our soul and spirit. This doesn’t mean that we live in a state of deprivation; it just means that we create room in our lives for more of the Spirit by giving freely. “Freely you have received, freely give”, is the admonition given to us by Jesus.

When we freely give away what has been freely given to us by the Spirit, we invoke abundance in our lives. There is positive energy flowing through us and the Universe trusts that we will not hoard what we are given, but that we will be a conduit to share with the world, helping to create equality and a balance of resources.

This is why finding a path of service to others is so important. To grow spiritually we must also serve. There are countless ways to do this. When you look at the lessons you have learned in your life, whether they have been about relationships, money, or leadership does not matter, you can find a way that you have been fitted to give back in service to the world. Unless you find a way to give, you will shut down the flow of Spirit in your life.

By teaching others what you have learned, you open the doorway to greater opportunity and learning for yourself. It creates a cycle of giving and receiving that allows a free flow of Spirit to circulate in your life, blessing not only yourself but others as well. It creates a beautiful path and it is a joy to walk on it.

Our ego tells us that by giving away we will have less. Fear is created that there is not enough to go around. In contrast, by giving generously of what we have received, abundance is created for everyone and we move our center of power from our ego to our soul and spirit. We then begin to understand that we are all connected and that when we serve the greater good, we are being served ourselves.

If your life is growing stagnant in any way, look around to see what you might give away in service to others. By sharing of your abundance, you will create space for the Spirit to move in your life giving you fresh streams of Living Water.