Taking Your Driver's Test

The other day I was driving on a four-lane road and the lane to my left was ending so that the traffic had to merge right. I created a space in front of me for a car to pull into, but it didn’t. It waited until the last minute and finally stopped. The driver seemed to believe they would have a difficult time finding someone to let them in so that when it actually happened, it was too good to be true! We eventually both had to stop and they finally merged to the right.

There are many times on the road where we either take or give a few seconds of our time, letting someone into line or keeping our front bumper glued to the car in front of us. Have you ever been annoyed or irritated that someone in front of you was so generous in letting cars in line ahead of you? I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve caught myself resenting someone else’s generosity on the freeway when it affects my busy schedule!

Driving can bring up more negativity within us and seems designed to push all of our buttons. You could probably even consider it a character development test of some sort. It can also demonstrate our attitudes towards abundance or scarcity. How are your attitudes about abundance coming along? You think they are coming along just fine until you catch yourself cutting someone off on the road or refusing to let someone merge into line ahead of you.

How do you respond to someone cutting you off or some other rude driving behavior? Does a curse or a blessing proceed from your mouth? In the United States, road rage has become a fairly common, scary trend. People have died because they lost control of their emotions while behind the wheel and have caused accidents, started fistfights, and some have even pulled out guns and shot the offending driver.

One could probably do a whole study and come up with statistics about the phenomena but in reality, we are all prone to showing where we are stressed and wounded when we get behind the wheel of a car. Maybe its because we feel so anonymous and that we are not accountable for our behavior when behind the wheel of an automobile.

Negativity is costly—not only to others, but also to ourselves. Whenever we hold onto anger, stress, frustration, or fear, it literally slows us down. We can take a good day, and in five seconds of a frustrating experience on the road, turn our pleasant day into a negative one. It’s not only on the road that we give away our power it is in any life situation where we allow negativity to gain control in our lives.

When we turn negative, we have given away our power to positively change the world. It is only by holding onto the positive that we have power as light workers on a dark planet. It is easy to just be a part of the darkness. The quickest way out of negativity is to refocus the mind. When we remember that Love is the greatest power in the Universe we can choose to be filled with Love instead of hatred. Sending others a blessing instead of a curse discharges the negative emotions of scarcity, fear, and frustration.

It seems like such a simple thing to do and yet we usually forget to make choices to better our day and the day of others. We show whom we really are when no one else is looking. Driving is one of the closet things to being anonymous yet still being engaged with others. Think of it as a character test. If you want to know how you’re coming along with manifesting love and patience in your life, see how you treat others behind the wheel.

It is a humbling experience and yet we have so many opportunities to try again. Next time you are cut off or treated rudely on the road, send a blessing instead of a curse. Ask that the other person will have a blessed day. I guarantee your day will be blessed also.