Today Is Anything You Choose

Have you ever watched a toddler play? One minute they are happy. The next minute they are crying as if the world were about to end. Wait a few moments longer and they will soon be smiling again. They live in the present. There is no regretting the past and they have no concept of the future. They live fully and completely in the present.

Unfortunately, as we gain experience in life we seem to lose the ability to stay grounded in the present. The only power we really have is in the now. The past is gone. The future is not here. But in the present we hold the secret to exercising our power.

Living in the present, making choices or setting intentions for the day are the secrets to having a good day or not. It is more of a challenge to experience a “good” day if my energy level is low, I haven’t slept well, and I am experiencing an emotional low, but my day is not dependent on those things. It is about whether or not I can be present in whatever is presenting itself to me at the moment.

We have a fairly narrow margin of what we consider as “good”. We have confused having a good day with one that has no problems, that requires little effort, or that brings us happiness. A “good” day, in reality, is one where we were able to set an intention, like love, for example, and have been able to find and experience love in all different kinds of circumstances throughout the day. Even if the circumstances were trying, difficult, and less than pleasant.

We find what we are looking for. When I am looking to experience love, I seek out love, I concentrate on love, I choose to be loving, and I am open and receptive to love. I also see those who are lacking in love and those who need to experience more love. I find that when I choose I can be a conduit for love in spite of whether or not it is my best day or not.

The problem I face is that I can be forgetful. Sometimes I am a victim to my own mood. When I remember that I have a choice, I become a victor instead of a victim. I have victory over my unconsciousness and become aware of my power to choose. It is easy to fall asleep at the wheel of your own life.

Waking up can also be considered expanding your awareness or consciousness. Whenever we challenge our pre-conceptions (i.e., the kind of day I am going to have depends on my mood) we have expanded our awareness. Our world becomes a little bigger and a little better. We should keep waking up to a bigger, more inclusive reality every day.

When we do not, we can know that we have fallen asleep. Life is one continual process of waking up to a bigger reality. We all fall asleep. Spiritual practice, spending time with the Spirit, reaching out to others, and spending time in nature are all consciousness expanding activities. They each help us to wake up to a bigger picture for our lives. That is why when we choose to dedicate time for these activities everyday; the acceleration of our development speeds up considerably.

If you don’t like the life you are experiencing, consider spending time in consciousness expanding activities. They are guaranteed to wake you up! If you are happy with your life the way it is, it’s time to wake up again! No matter where we are, there is more to learn. Setting intentions for what you want to experience in your life paves the way for a good day. So, what are you waiting for? What kind of day do you want to experience today? Pick something and focus on it. You are only limited by your imagination and commitment to finding it.