Your Soul Knows

What do you know that you think you don’t know? Interesting question. How could you know something that you think you don’t know? You know many things at a soul level that you are not aware of knowing. You just have not awakened at that level yet. God created us with infinite potential. Eternity is about waking up to that potential. It is about a constantly growing understanding and awareness of Source. It is an evolving, expanding love relationship with God, the Beloved.

The problem we face on earth is that we were born on a fallen planet and that we are far from remembering or seeing our life purpose and the pattern of beauty that God created in each person’s soul. If you were born a woman, society has only decided relatively recently that you even have a soul! And people wonder what the wounded feminine is!

Leaving out the feminine principle, which women traditionally represent, is to leave out half of the qualities, elements, and characteristics of all of creation, including the Universe, and of Source Itself. We have conveniently made this a gender issue. It is far greater than that for we have left out the feminine principle of the soul which exists in both men and women. In order to grow and mature spiritually, the feminine principle is essential because it embodies the principles of yielding to Spirit. Without the manifestation of Spirit (outpouring of Holy Spirit) in our lives, it is impossible to connect fully to our true soul purpose and calling.

Redemption is far more than “being saved from sin”. Redemption is the restoration of God’s image within us. It is to have “Christ in you, the hope of glory” as the Apostle Paul spoke of. Or in another translation it says, “Christ lives in you”. This is the true basis of Christian Gnosticism, the belief of the “Kingdom of God” dwelling in you. To walk the path of wisdom, or a personal knowing of Source, is to embody the feminine principle of yielding to Spirit.

Patriarchal traditions have excluded the feminine principle of yielding and emphasized the masculine principle of action. As a result, the church has struggled for centuries with a legalistic, unyielding, authoritative picture of God. This picture has been modeled in the homes of many religious families with a controlling, rigid husband as “head” of the family and an abused, submissive family beneath him. Until our view of God changes, many religious homes from all belief systems will continue to reflect a dysfunctional, unbalanced model of the role of men and women and will act out abuse and control.

The Apostle Paul, even with his some times misogynistic sounding rhetoric, advises couples to practice mutual submission, or yielding to one another as a model of our relationship with God. It is here he acknowledges the equality of men and women in relationship and of their mutual need to not only be yielding to the needs of the other in the relationship but to be yielding to Spirit in their relationship to God.

In order to awaken our soul and access our unlimited potential we need to wake up to the idea contained in the feminine principle of yielding to Spirit. We do this by committing to spending time pursuing Spiritual practices. By devoting time every day (acting/masculine principle) to spiritual pursuits we give God permission and time to begin an alchemical process of change within us (yielding/feminine principle). Spirit literally takes our lead and turns it into gold.

The gold is the outpouring of the light that Spirit wants to shine through us into our dark planet. The gold is our birthright, the eternal plan that is unique to us. Spirit wants to ignite our true potential and awaken us to the beauty of God’s creation, of which we are an important aspect. There is so much waiting for us to know by knowing God. Now is a great time to begin.

You see it is a dance. It is a dance between two--the masculine and feminine principles of acting and yielding. We yield to Spirit and act on Its promptings. We act by carving out time in our lives for Spirit and then we yield to the directing of Spirit. It is a magical dance because through the process we are awakened to our greater calling and purpose in life. Leave either principle out and you cease to dance, but stumble, frustrated with the loss of the beautiful rhythm of dancing with the Divine--the exquisite beauty of the masculine/feminine union in whose image we were created.