Follow Your Heart

We live in a culture that values the mind. As a result, matters of the heart are often undervalued. We have learned to say, “I think that this is true” rather than, “I feel that this is true.” Feelings carry very little weight in our society. If you want to convince someone of the authority of your ideas, you think them, not feel them.

Although the mind plays an important part of our spiritual development, it is with the heart that we are drawn towards the Divine. It is with the heart that we receive messages of love and guidance. It is with the heart that we sing and dance. The heart reflects the feminine principle of Divine love.

It is with the masculine principle of Logos that we act in the world. It gives us grounding and power and light. It is with the feminine principle of Sophia that we reflect the light. To follow our heart is to be responsive to the drawing of Divine love. It is when we listen to our heart that we receive direction for our heart path.

For many of us, we have shut down the messages of the heart. This is part of what the wounded feminine is—the shutting down of the heart’s wisdom. It is an undervaluing of the wisdom of the feminine—relegating it to a minor if not absent role. Without the wisdom of the heart, we are like a ship without a rudder and we become stuck in the “paralysis of analysis”. If we cannot hear the wisdom of our own heart, how will we ever know what the truth of our soul is?

There are numerous ways that we lose respect for the heart’s message. Maybe it was learned in early childhood. Abuse, the wounds of others, all can close us off to the wisdom of our heart. We can live our whole lives devoid of the power that comes from the heart.

In order for our planet to heal, we must all regain a respectful relationship with the heart. To do this is to honor the feminine principle. To restore this wisdom is to honor the Divine Feminine—the wisdom of the heart. Our picture of God must grow from its limited construction of patriarchal ideals to include the beauty of tenderness, mercy, and wisdom that come from the feminine. This can only happen when we learn to value the messages of the heart. It is from the heart that the Divine Feminine speaks to us.

We can all grow wings and learn to fly if we will open our hearts to the Spirit that desires to live within us. When we open to the power of the Spirit, we are taught from within. Within the heart we learn to love. Love is the greatest of all commandments and it is love that will restore our world and our relationships with God and with one another.

To open your heart and value its wisdom is to value the feminine principle. This allows us access to the powerful guidance that resides within our own hearts. When used in conjunction with the mind as an external acting force we are able to follow the path of our soul covenant—the reason we are here—and we are able to minister to those we came to serve.

One of the most important questions we can ask is, “What does my heart tell me?” When we have a clear understanding of what our heart is saying, we can ask, “What is it that I should do?” The Divine Feminine speaks to us messages of love and healing, not only for ourselves but also for the world. When we honor these messages from the heart, we are able to become a healing agent for the world.

The mind can only act clearly when it has a clear mandate from the heart. Without a clear message from the heart, it is faced with innumerable options but with no clear passion to guide it. Follow your heart—it will lead you to where you need to go.


Amanda said…
Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to say what a wonderful place it is to visit! I come from a very "new age" background and have also spent quite a bit of time in a Christian community and had been struggling to find how the two could fit in my life together. Too often I was using my head rather than my heart and listening to what I was taught/told rather than what I felt inside to be true. It's been so good to read through some of your posts as they have reminded me to really listen and follow the guidance I receive inside. I look forward to reading more!
Julie Smith, MS said…
Amanda, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog! I have found that when you invite the Spirit to speak to you that you can trust what you hear. Blessings to you on your journey.