Taking the Less Worn Path

Some people like to just let it all hang out. If they are in a bad mood, well, they feel it is a matter of honesty to let the whole world know. Everyone around them is hoping that they are going to be in a good mood soon so that they don’t’ have to suffer along with them on their bad days. We can feel like we suffer alone, but in reality, we really don’t. Others can suffer with us even if they don’t want to!

Have you ever noticed that some days it seems like the universe is having a bad day? Everything seems to go wrong on days like these for no good reason. Sometimes I wonder if maybe too many people are having a bad day at the same time. Whenever we have a bad day, the negative energy goes out and contributes to a collective bad mood. Just the opposite can happen when we are having a good day—we send out positive energy into the universe and the world seems to smile. We are all connected. We affect one another’s lives.

It would be nice, wouldn’t it, if we all had fewer bad days? When you look at the life of Christ, you get an idea of what it was like to always be in tune with the Divine. Christ was always “on” to the Spirit. Unlike us, he didn’t switch on and off—his connection was always “on”. As a result, the Spirit flowed through him continuously and he was ever-present to sense and attend to the needs of others.

Wow! If you think in your own life about your connection with Spirit, how does it compare? Are you “on” one minute and “off” the next? Does your mood depend on how well things are going that day? Can the Spirit depend on you to be available when someone else is in need?

As you can see, we generally have a hard time staying tuned into the Spirit. In fact, most of us are deaf and blind when it comes to spiritual issues. We can be quite religious, but fail to have an indwelling Christ and the power and positive energy that come with him. As a result we are still not dependable agents or lightworkers for God. We come through now and then, but can’t be counted on to be present on a regular basis.

This is probably one of the greatest motivations I have for regular spiritual practice. I have decided that I want to be a dependable lightworker—one that can be counted on to be filled with the Spirit and tuned in to the leading of the Divine in service to others. This is not the path that everyone chooses and that’s OK—God loves and accepts the choices we make. But for me, I want to have a closer walk. I want to stay turned on to God’s Spirit all of the time.

When this is the path you choose, it is important to pay attention to your mood and stay as positive as you can. When we allow negative emotions and thoughts to occupy our mind we lower our soul vibration. The Spirit has a hard time communicating with us. We tune out or turn off.

Of course there are always things that come along that pull us down whether they be physical, emotional, or mental. The secret to handling these is in recognizing that you are spiraling down and changing the direction as soon as possible. You can do this by taking time to meditate, pray, reading something positive, going out into nature, asking for help, and mentally envisioning and choosing a more positive energy. By doing this, you are actively seeking a connection with the Divine. You are becoming more aware. Your consciousness increases.

It is tempting to think that we have no control over our bad moods. But we can learn to turn them around. When we do, we are making the day better for everyone. The problem is that we are frequently unaware. We are unconscious of the power of our choices and that by simply refocusing our attention and asking to be connected to God’s Spirit we can turn around and change the direction of our energy and influence.

When you become a dependable lightworker, God can count on you to serve others in ways that only you can serve. It is not the easiest path, but one that is worth taking. I think of the words of Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in the wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Be the difference that the world needs to see today.