The Wounded Feminine and Sexuality

Have you ever felt like you were used? It is not a good feeling. Your sense of worth as a human being plummets. You feel as if you have been turned into an object and your worth as an individual soul has been ignored. You feel devalued. It can cause emotions of anger, bitterness, and rage.

In reality, we have all been objectified—turned into an object to be used instead of a soul to be loved. This is what the wounded feminine is—the objectifying of the feminine aspect of God into something that can be sold, manipulated, and exploited.

Think about this for a moment. Whether you are male or female, we all have wounded ideas and experiences with the feminine. The feminine aspect within us corresponds to our abilities to stay open, reflective, and creative. You do not have to look around in our society very far to see that the feminine aspect of our psyche—collectively and individually—is vulnerable. It is the feminine that we keep protected. It is also the feminine that we exploit, or objectify.

Take one instance, one example of this, by looking at our sexuality. Again, whether male or female, you can see where the feminine aspect of sexuality is continually exploited and objectified. We use beauty, receptivity, and openness and turn it into the provocative in order to sell something or some idea. We have taken an individual of beauty and worth and turned them into an object to meet the needs of someone else’s personal gain.

You can see that this is an exchange that we have become very comfortable with. The masculine and the feminine have both been complicit in bartering an exchange of goods, so to speak. But in reality it is on the same level as prostitution—exchanging sexual favors for money. We all participate in this as culture without batting an eye.

Within relationships, the same objectification of the feminine can take place. Rather than the sexual relationship being a dance of intimacy and the coming together of two souls who see and value each other, the feminine can be turned into an object and used rather than valued. This is what really constitutes rape.

It is shocking to think that we have come to the point in our society where we find these behaviors acceptable. But millions live in relationships with one another never knowing anything different. It leaves us feeling dull, diminished, and devoid of a sense of personal worth.

The feminine aspect of God, Sophia, is about reflecting the light of Logos, the Christ. The beauty in the life of Jesus is that he showed us what it looked and felt like to treat others and be treated as precious individuals instead of like objects to be used. People have even become enslaved to religious requirements—traditions built up in the name of God—that made them feel that God uses them as objects to make God feel better about God.

The masculine aspects of power, action, and seed are only enabled and creative when coupled with the feminine aspects of receptivity, reflectivity, and the womb. We need both in order to create new life. When you realize that both of these elements are in each person whether male or female, you can see that in order to follow a path to your own healing and wholeness, you must have a healthy balance of the masculine and feminine within your own psyche.

This is then reflected in our ability to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex and in our ability to have a healthy relationship with the Divine. When we honor both aspects of the Godhead, Sophia and Logos, we start to develop a picture of God that is balanced and honors both the feminine and the masculine. There is no exploitation possible when we do this—religiously, culturally, or sexually.

When we start to understand and embrace this concept we can begin to do away with some of the terrible abuses in our culture—abuses in marriage, incest, and within the clergy to name only a few. To begin we must learn to honor and cultivate the feminine aspect within ourselves and within our picture of God. It is part of the process of turning the darkness on our planet into the light.