The Beauty of the Feminine Aspect of Creation

A tropical rain forest, a bubbling mountain spring, the wind in the trees, and the moon shining full on a cloudless night—each gives us a picture of the beauty of the feminine aspect of creation. A plentiful harvest, a mother and child, poetry, music, art, and dance—all glimpses into the beauty of the feminine in All That Is.

Pillaged forests, global warming, draught, and diminishing natural resources—all give us a picture of the wounded feminine. Rape, child abuse, exploitation, and budget cuts in the arts—all glimpses of the wounded feminine in All That Is.

The essence of true beauty in the feminine aspect is found in an environment that allows for the receptive, conceptive abilities to nurture and create. It is found in an environment that honors these qualities and thus provides a safe, protective environment that grows, honors, and nurtures the feminine aspect. In a hostile environment, the feminine principle dies.

This is true whether we are talking about nature or humans. What we honor and protect is preserved and grows. What we dishonor and neglect withers and dies. Just take a look around and see how well we are doing. It might be time to reconsider our priorities a bit.

Are we more interested in personal gain than collective good? Are we more interested in being “right” than living together in harmony? Our collective choices speak for themselves. When viewed from a distance we have created an environment hostile to the creative force of the feminine. We may be making progress with test tube babies, but it appears that the feminine womb may still be necessary for quite some time.

When I speak of the word womb, I am talking about environment, a place to grow and develop. When you look at the word in this broader context it is not difficult to see that the earth is also a womb of sorts. It is a place to grow and develop. It is the womb for humankind. What we do with it will determine what we give birth to. We have the ability to choose whether we are going to create a monster or a beautiful child.

The true beauty of the feminine is in creating and growing something worthwhile and useful. Our current culture of a quick abortion speaks metaphorically about our collective ideas about our earth. We are a consumer society—consuming and using up and spitting out at will. We think little of the long-term consequences of our choices and behaviors. Whether we abort human life or natural resources because of the exploitation of another or because of inconvenience matters little when you look at the underlying causes. The feminine in All That Is is undervalued and easily disposed of. Our corporate disregard of the consequences for our own behavior is leading us down a dangerous road.

Where do we go from here? How do we honor the feminine in our planet, in ourselves, and in God? To begin with we have to learn to value and protect the vulnerable in all of creation. What happens to others is my concern. We are all connected. We are all one. What affects you, affects me. If someone in Africa is starving—I have a resource allocation problem. How I spend my time and money does matter.

Jesus taught that us that unless we became as little children we would never see the Kingdom of God. Children are vulnerable. They understand that everyone has to work together. They depend on responsible adults to make sure that they have shelter and food. They have open hearts towards others. They see that we are all connected.

It is only when we reach adulthood that we believe the lies that we learned as children—that we are separate and that we must take care of number one. Children don’t see color or race as a problem until we teach them our own biases and beliefs. If we could see the world through the eyes of a child again, we would see how we might help one another in our world. Religious differences, race, and politics would make no difference. We would see each person as a precious child of God.

Today we can choose to honor the feminine aspect within our own self by creating an environment to grow worthwhile things. We can choose to open our hearts for the Spirit to live. We can choose to see others as an extension of ourselves and not as separate. We can choose to see the consequences of our choices in how we spend our time, money, and energy. We can see that what we do as an individual affects the whole planet. We are one. Choose wisely.


AB said…
Very well put
I feel the same
Hopefully this thought will grow
Julie Smith said…
Thanks AB, me too. In fact, I do think the feminine aspect is awakening. What would be nice is to see the masculine and feminine in perfect balance. Kind of like a nice waltz!

Blessings to you!