Searching for Buried Treasure

As a child, I was always fascinated with the idea of a treasure hunt. The enchantment and mystery surrounding a buried treasure, a voyage, and a secret map were powerful and mystical ticklers to my imagination. What would a treasure map look like? Where would the voyage take you? What would you find when you got there? Mystery, intrigue, abundance, suspense, questions answered, adventure, surprise, delight, and maybe even a little fear tossed in for excitement along the way. An adventure to remember—to last a lifetime.

Welcome to the journey towards your own soul and an excavation of the treasures that lie buried within you! You are not who you think you are. You are endless potential and have a lost hidden treasure within. The voyage to discover it is your life. The secret map is your soul covenant. The hidden treasure? That limitless potential and abundance of knowing.

Have you started on your own personal treasure hunt yet or are you stuck in the belief that you are your job or your current life? Do you understand your soul covenant—the reason you are here, whom you are to serve, what lessons you are to learn, and your own true essence? This is the map that guides you towards discovery of your soul and will introduce you into the depths of your own becoming.

Our Creator made us with a unique and beautiful soul. If we could view our holy soul, the soul restored and complete, we would not recognize it for the vastness and beauty of it would be denied by what we currently think of as self. But it is there for our discovery. We only need to choose to begin the search for it. We can do this by entering onto a spiritual path or journey. It is the voyage to discover who we really are.

It is through regular spiritual practice—the study of sacred scriptures, prayer, meditation, service to others and an opening of our hearts to be filled with the Holy Spirit—that we are given pieces of the map to guide us on our journey towards inner knowing.

Our life experiences, the difficult lessons are all a part of the map, an important unfolding of our soul covenant. It is through the living of our life, through the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly that we traverse our way across the map to eventually begin discovering the depths and beauty of our own soul.

The trials serve an important function. First of all they grow in us the gifts we need in order to minister and serve those we are here to serve and secondly, they aid in removing the hard encrustations over our hearts that keep us from feeling, sensing, and knowing the truth. They serve to strip away the ego or false self in order that we may sense the higher self.

Most of us spend the first half of our life resisting the trials, resenting the difficulties, and identifying with our ego and personality. This is an important part of the journey. But when we finally wake up from going in circles there is a great hunger to be moving along. By committing to daily spiritual practice we can be assured that we will move in a forward direction.

The unfolding of the soul is something that will last forever. When we realize this we can then begin to enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way. Unlike a single treasure chest buried at the end of a map, the path of the soul goes on and on and there are multiple treasures to be found. Every step has something to teach us.

The teaching of mindfulness from the Buddha tradition reminds us to be present in every moment. This is great advice as the journey is part of the treasure. If you fall asleep and forget to be mindful of the present moment, you will miss out on the joy of the journey. It you stay awake, you will never get lost, and you will always know where you are.

Unlike the pirates of old, you will never have to steal your treasure. It can only be lost by your own neglect and can only be found by your diligent search. Remember to stay awake for the greatest adventure you will ever experience—your own life. Enjoy!


Given55 said…
You have a great site. Purpose is so important to our walk. I agree we need to look at every moment of our lives to learn & grow. I was supernaturally healed from Lupus & in those years of torment I grew into a closer walk with my Maker. If I had ignored that time or thought of it only as a attack from evil, I would not of seen the glory that came out of it. Great site. Keep up the good work.