The Solar and the Lunar Gardens--Part Two

My visit to the Two Worlds Wisdom Gathering in Austin, Texas earlier this month prompted me to share more thoughts on the wounded feminine. It is interesting that people are often put off by the words—wounded feminine. Some interpret this to mean “the wounded female”, as if it were only referring to a” broken woman”.

The Lunar Garden at The Crossings, a retreat center in Texas where the Two Worlds Gathering took place provides a great visual example of what I am referring to with the words “wounded feminine”. It is a small garden, that in contrast to the Solar Garden just to the east of it, is un-kept, overgrown, and partially walled and unprotected.

In the previous post I explored this idea briefly. Here I would like to reflect on the idea of how we find the wounded feminine within our own psyche. Collectively—men, women, and nature—we are all wounded. Our wounding is fairly obvious when you look around at the condition of things on our planet from relationships to ecology. Something has gone wrong. We have destroyed our Garden of Eden.

The lunar or feminine aspect within all of creation is a receptive and reflective principle. On a practical dimension it is about listening, being open, reflecting, and “no thought”. It is about turning off the mental machine and being present with someone, completely listening and receiving information about who they are. This quality is the same one used in meditation, in listening to Source/Spirit and in observing nature.

Our current culture and mindset is about doing. Busy-ness is our greatest roadblock to enlightenment, spiritual growth, and healing. We are so attuned to being constantly busy that we have no time to spend in quiet nothingness, listening for the voice of Spirit. Our relationships reflect an uneasy listening while we prepare our response. Nature cries out in desperation that it is being destroyed, but our ears are deaf and our senses dull. We press forward in frantic solar doing.

There are many who say that they want greater growth and spiritual gain in their lives, but then they consistently refuse to take the time in lunar activities—meditation, quietness, reflection, and time in nature—to actually make their growth possible. This reflects the wounded feminine within.

We were created by God to be reflective of God’s glory. When filled with the creative power and presence of God’s Spirit, we are filled with light. Just like the moon that reflects the sun, so we are meant to reflect the light of the Creator. When understood correctly, it becomes obvious that unless we spend some time in reflective activities we will only produce what light we can on our own.

Imagine how dark our nights would be if the moon had the same attitude. It gives you a sense of just how dark our planet is for we try our hardest to be light without connecting to the Source of light. There is a widespread tendency among religious folks to do just that—to try to be a light to the world without connecting to the Creator of All That Is.

If we want to begin to restore balance and healing in our own lives and on our planet, the essential lesson before us is to balance the lunar and solar activities in our lives. If we want to heal the wounded feminine aspect on our planet (re-create our Garden of Eden) we must start making different choices. Taking time everyday, even if you only start with 15 minutes, to engage in quiet reflective openness before Source, will change your life. If everyone would take an hour, it would change our planet.

The reason even so little time engaged in the lunar/feminine way will create so much change is because it creates an opening in us that grows. It connects us to Source. Fifteen minutes a day begins to grow into more and more of a connection. We literally begin to fall in love with having the Spiritual Son light up our lives. Living without it becomes an option we want no part of. The light becomes intoxicating and we desire to be filled with light.

The change is then reflected in our relationships, our choices, and our treatment of the earth. It increases our consciousness and awareness of All That Is and the connections that exist between all of us. Love builds and grows and overflows into everything we think and do.

Constant solar activity, constant doing, numbs us out, wears us out, and eventually uses us up. We rape ourselves and others to squeeze out the last drop of resources and energy that we can get our hands on. We have starved ourselves and depleted our resources.

Committing to spending time everyday in meditation and quiet reflectivity will re-charge our worn-out batteries. We will have the creative inspiration to then do (solar) something new and different in our lives and planet. Divine imagination is incubated in the womb of quietness. Go within and listen for the voice of your Creator to heal the wounded feminine within you. It will change your life. It could change our world.