Transforming Light

Do you feel like escaping from the world? When things are difficult, when we look around at the darkness, when we are overwhelmed…it is then that we wish to fly away to heaven and leave the darkness behind. But what happens when those who carry the light of God’s love fail to be present in the world? What happens to those that need the ministry of compassion and love if we decide we no longer want to serve? What happens when religion and the church become self-centered and only interested in escape from the world?

It is God’s desire that we bring the light of heaven down to earth. We do this by being a vehicle for Spirit. It is through people that God shines light into the world. People like me and people like you. Kind of hard to believe isn’t it? But that’s exactly what Jesus taught. “You are the light of the world.”

We are like the moon, meant to be reflective of Divine Light. When we choose to accept this role, the Spirit shines the light of God’s love through us to others. Not only are we filled with love, but God shares love to the world through us. This is exercising the feminine principle. The feminine aspect of God is nurturing and wraps arms of love around us. The feminine presence of God can be with us every moment and at the most physical level of our existence.

This truth and reality is a great comfort on our spiritual journey here on earth. It means that we never have to face our difficulties and struggles alone. God’s presence is ever near to be with us and guide us through everything we experience. It is by going within and centering our hearts and minds on the presence of God that we can find hope, comfort, and encouragement.

In reality, we are only alone if we choose to be. Most of our loneliness is a case of forgetfulness—we forget that we can have heavenly company if we so desire it and seek it out. The Divine Feminine is always accessible to us and only requires that we make the time and extend an invitation.

Only when we are filled with God’s love and light can we then share it with others. What our dark planet needs more than ever is people who have found their own personal solace and comfort in God’s love and who will then be vehicles to share it with others.

Too often our religion can be selfish in that we only seek the salvation of our own souls. But our redemption is only complete when we put on the mind of Christ and develop the same love and compassion for others that were witnessed in the life of Jesus. What we need is a transformational relationship with the living Christ. A religious life that does not transform is one devoid of life-changing light and power.

By opening yourself to be Spirit-filled you become a channel of light to the world. Through regular spiritual practice you develop the capacity to hold more and more light. This is the true need for organized religion in our world—to grow, support, and nurture lightworkers. Rather than using our religious beliefs to escape the world, we are called to transform the world. It begins by having God’s love transform our own hearts. We then can shine as a transforming light in our dark world.