You Are God's Precious Child

Has anything reminded you today that you are God’s precious child? If not, stop for a moment and contemplate a few ideas. Consider the human anatomy and the complexity, precision, and balance that make up its form. One only need catch a virus or incur an injury to be reminded of what we normally take for granted—we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” In Psalms we are reminded that we were “knit together in our mother’s womb.”

This reminds me of the projects I have worked on in the past—carefully stitching together something for a loved one—anticipating the pleasure they will receive when they wear what I have made for them. Our Creator is no different—we are the “apple of God’s eye”. I can just imagine our Divine parents “knitting” together each one of us, hoping and praying that we will find delight and fulfillment during our life on earth.

Of course, this is not always the case. We do not always appreciate the gift of life or even use it wisely. We come from the womb, quickly forgetting that we are fresh from the hands of God. Life can seemingly conspire to rob us of the joy that was our Divine destiny. We become distracted in material concerns and build a false sense of who we truly are. In reality, we are all a precious child of God, but most of us have forgotten. Remembering who we are and why we are here is one of the most exciting journeys we will take during this lifetime.

The secret to discovering our true identity lies in realizing that there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing. This is always the case, no matter where you are. If you think you have all the answers, you just haven’t realized that your destiny is much bigger than you had at first imagined. The Creator made us in such a way that we are constantly unfolding. New gifts and insights, greater awareness and new abilities should and can unfold every year if we create the space for them to grow.

It is the hunger we feel to know God that generates the momentum to truly seek God. It is only as we begin to know God that we begin to understand who we are. The two are intimately connected. By devoting our lives to seeking to know God, we will find ourselves in the process. We will start to remember that we are indeed a precious child of God. Our destiny will begin to unfold before us. Our past will be seen as a necessary and important part of who we are becoming.

By taking time every day, even if it is only 15 minutes, to devote to spiritual practice, you open up space in your life for God’s Spirit to work in you. This gives God permission to act in your life and it begins to awaken your spiritual eyesight so that you might begin to see what you have never seen before in your life—God’s presence and the image of the Divine in you.

By taking time every day for spiritual practice you are engaging in the most compelling and powerful activity available to you during this lifetime. It transforms your life. Yet it is easily neglected. God has provided everything we need for our journey here on earth. We don’t have to take care of any of the big stuff. We just have to show up. Strangely this seems to be the thing most difficult for us. We become too busy doing the “important” stuff to take care of the most elemental aspect of our lives—our spiritual growth and development.

By committing to a spiritual practice in your life you will be reminded every day that you are God’s precious child. You will discover new meaning in your life. You will find that God’s love is immense and inclusive. You will be astounded at the vastness of the universe. You will awaken new talents and abilities. You will serve in new and exciting ways. You will blossom!