A Christmas Wish

Have you thought about what you want for Christmas this year? It seems that the choices are unending. Electronic gadgets, clothes, jewelry, house decorations, yard ornaments, thinga-ma-doosies, you name it—it’s out there. So many choices.

We so often underestimate the power of our choices. Just think how many choices one faces over the course of a day, a week, a month, a lifetime. They are many. What should I wear today? What time do I need to get up? What am I going to try and accomplish today? Should I buy this house or not? What about the friendships I cultivate or not—who do I include in my life?

Each decision impacts our life. Even down to what I choose to put on my body every day. What I wear makes a statement to the world that either attracts or repels certain opportunities or people. Where I live creates a certain reality. What time I get up, how I spend my time, all go together to create the life that I currently live. We are each an artist—a co-creator of our universe and life.

So the important question becomes, are you a conscious or unconscious creator of your life, your universe? Do you consciously make choices about the life you are creating or are you living in default mode, letting other forces make choices for you?

We would like to think that to not decide about something is to make no decision, but in reality, to not choose is a choice. It is a choice to keep doing the same thing. The most important choice we make every day is whether we are going to work for the forces of light or whether we are going to live for ourselves.

When we choose to live for the Light, we agree to allow God and God’s angels to live through us to help heal our planet. When we fail to make that choice, we live only for our own interests and ourselves. Much of what we currently see in our world reflects our choices as a whole to live only for ourselves.

My struggle personally is to learn how to make choices that are in the interest of all instead of just in the interest of me. This is difficult. I am used to making choices based on what is best for me and for my family. I’m not used to thinking globally. I have to unlearn much of what I have been taught and learn what it is like to make different choices.

How are we each one going to best do this? How are we going to learn to consciously choose our future? In our efforts to become strong individuals and to grow children that have a strong sense of self we have become—well—it is difficult to say—but we have become quite selfish. We are more the “me” generation than ever before and at a time when we need to be a “we” generation more than ever.

In fact, we are so self-protective that we are in danger of doing great harm to one another. We have the technology to pretty much destroy ourselves. If ever there was a time to pull in the reins on individualism, egoism, and nationalism, the time is now.

We forget that we are all connected. We are all one. During the Advent season we have the opportunity to remember just how small our world is and how each one of us impacts the lives of each other. The birth of Christ so many years ago is about God sending us the most special gift of all—the life of the Son—given to demonstrate the power of living one’s life in service to all. If we can remember the message in the life of Christ, we can start to live a life reflecting the same principles. It is as Christ lives in and through us that we start to become more aware—more conscious of one another.

By choosing to connect with God’s Spirit, we will become a powerful agent for healing in our world. In fact, as I think about it, I believe that is what I most want for Christmas this year—a new heart, a new Spirit, and a growing awareness of the oneness of us all.