The Law of Polarity

In speaking of the wounded feminine it is critical to understand the Law of Polarity* because the wounded feminine reflects an imbalance in the manifestation on our planet of this law. The Law of Polarity states: Opposite poles are complimentary and contained in one another.

To understand this law it is helpful to look at the story of creation as told in the book of Genesis. It contains many clues to understanding how God manifests through creation. The first evidence of polarity is in the creation of the light and the dark. Before creation we observe “the void”. This describes Source in an un-manifest form. There is perfect unity.

When God creates, God is extending God’s Self through the act of creation—essentially making manifest God’s thoughts and ideas. Thus, you see God’s creative force spoken of as “speaking, and it stood fast.” God creates through thought and the spoken word. This creates two where there initially was just One. Now we have the created and the Creator—the observed and the Observer.

This allows us to see that above the line of creation (the void) there is perfect unity (“three in one”) and that below the line of creation there is duality (created and Creator). So we can follow the creation account and observe the polarities that are made manifest or are created.

There is light and dark, solar and lunar, land and sea, earth and sky, male and female. God finishes creating and sets within the midst of these balanced polarities another set of polarities—the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Initially, only the good was manifest. Adam and Eve lived in “paradise”. They were, however, given the freedom to choose between the last polarity of good and evil. Good was the only polarity manifest on our planet as is evidenced by the reflective words of God, “God saw everything God had made and it was good.”

Evil would not manifest unless it was chosen. It was only a potential. It could continue to remain un-manifest. But as the law shows us, below the line of creation everything exists in duality—there is an opposite complimentary form contained in every pole. Within good exists the potential (the choice) for evil. But God contained the potential for evil and it would not be made manifest unless chosen.

The “fallen” condition of our planet reflects our choice to manifest evil. By eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we chose to experience this duality. Within this choice you can observe our difficult lessons as a humanity dancing with evil. Looking within your own life you can see the struggle to sort between good and evil, the light and the dark, and to maintain balance in your life between all of the polarities.

The wounded feminine is an imbalance of the masculine and feminine aspects within all of creation. Since the feminine principle in creation is directly related to a receptive/reflective aspect within us, it becomes the vital connection between Source and us. This is our pathway back to living in harmony with All That Is. Christ built a bridge that we may travel. By exercising the feminine principle of reflecting the Light we are able to become conduits for the Light. The Apostle Paul speaks of this as Christ living in you.

Since the solar/masculine aspect of doing is dominate in our world right now and we are not connected to the Source of Light and Goodness, it is not difficult to see that all our “doing” apart from a connection with the Light will only produce a lot of darkness. By balancing the polarity of the masculine and the feminine, the solar and the lunar, we connect to the Light and thus our acting in the world will manifest good instead of evil. We become a conduit for God to live through us in the world.

Our choices today are no different than they were in the Garden of Eden at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Because of Christ’s work on our behalf we are enabled to once again choose what we will make manifest in the world and in our lives. The vital choices we make during the course of our day are whether to remain connected to God’s Spirit or not. The spiritual practice of meditation helps us to connect with God and to remain connected throughout the day.

By choosing to balance the feminine aspect of being quiet before God, we begin to correct our imbalance of doing without being connected to the Light. The most important decision you make every day is in regards to whether or not you take the time to connect with your Creator and thus to the Source of Light and Goodness. What you manifest in your life is directly correlated to this choice, as is what we will manifest collectively.

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