'Tis The Season To Be Quiet

In the frantic pace of our world, creating a sanctuary of peace and quiet is a must. Do you create time for doing nothing in your life? Taking time for quiet takes careful thought and planning. It becomes a matter of making an appointment for nothingness.

During the holiday season, it seems that we reach a new frantic pace. Of course it is all done for a good cause and because we care about others, but at some point in the rushing to and fro one has to stop and ask themselves what it’s all really about. If you have not crafted your day and your week to include quietness, you will burn out during times of high stress. The holidays are but one example. Weddings, births, deaths, and moving, to name only a few of life’s high-gear moments, all can create such momentum on their own that they can drive our lives instead of us driving our life.

So, how do you create time for quiet in your life? There is no set way to do this. Only you can decide how you are going to create time just for you. Some people tell themselves that time for quietness is impossible—that their lives are just too busy. But we all have a choice about how to spend our time. I have yet to meet someone who has absolutely no time to create for themselves.

Just think of the 15 or 20 minutes a day that we grab for a TV show, a phone conversation, or maybe just gossip. There is always time to be crafted into silence and quiet. It is a matter of seeing its importance and making time for it.

There are so many gifts to be found in quiet. Meditation leads us to be still before God and to hear the soft, soft voice of Spirit. It is in the quiet that we can begin to hear the sound and voice of our own soul. A day devoted to rest can have greater moments of quiet and becomes the glue that holds together the life of spiritual growth.

Quietness allows us to hear the truth in our own hearts. Quietness offers us the gift of emotional honesty. Authenticity is found in a stretch of quiet moments. If you have forgotten what the rush is all about, moments spent in quietness will center and ground you into a greater sense of why you are here.

Give yourself the gift of quiet this holiday season. It may be the most powerful, life-changing gift you will ever receive. Commit to 15 minutes or more a day of nothing but quiet stillness before God. In fact, it may just be the perfect gift to honor the birth of a very special babe. In quietness, you will remember what it’s all about.