The Tree of Life Center

We have good news! We are expecting! We are giving birth to something new and fabulous—a baby of sorts—but not the kind you carry around in your body for nine months. Although this does feel an awful lot like pregnancy! We are a bit like the expectant mother in that we are “heavy” with the growing of this, but also like a midwife in that we are assisting in it’s becoming. The project has been like the preparation of a nursery, with all of the anticipation and a flurry of activity.

My family and I have been spending the last six months remodeling a small house in Portland, Oregon for the purpose of creating space for sacred growth. On December 30th of this year we will celebrate the grand opening of The Tree of Life Center, A Center for Spiritual Growth and Personal Renewal. It will be a place to host a women’s group, a wisdom circle, spiritual practice classes, and individual spiritual counseling.

This is a ministry that is birthed as a result of several things. One is from the nudging of my spiritual mentor to give back what I have learned from my own personal journey and path. Our experiences in life are our teachers. The lessons we learn become the lessons we are to then share. In other words, our curriculum in this life indicates whom we are here to serve. We experience them for a reason. Everything in our life can serve in becoming a path of ministry to others.

This life direction also pulls together many of my diverse experiences and schooling and focuses them in a way that I could have never imagined. It gives clarity and meaning to many different things. In addition, it is something that I can give at no cost to the community. This in itself is nothing short of divine, miraculous timing!

One of the important happenings at The Tree of Life Center (TLC) is the formation of small groups or wisdom circles. The Two Worlds Wisdom School hosted by the Kaiser Institute gives a description on their webpage of the power of circles and contains links to other wisdom circles that are springing up around the country.

The wisdom circle (or whatever name you want to put on it) is a powerful tool for transformation for this century. Changes are created when individuals come together and focus on renewal and combine their collective energies and consciousness to work together for the greater group good. It is a good example of grass roots transformation. These are consciousness-expanding groups and work to create a larger sense of the fact that we are all connected and that we each impact and influence the lives of one another.

Eileen Zorn, a friend and “circle-maker” extraordinaire is doing a series on her blog, Sophia Wisdom describing what they are doing and have accomplished with their wisdom circle. It gives you a good idea of what a wisdom circle could look like and how it functions. You don’t have to have a special meeting place to hold a wisdom circle. It could be held in one’s own home. Or it could rotate homes. The important point is that anyone could do this within the sphere of their own influence and impact not only their own life, but also the lives of their whole community.

As we approach the end of this year and enter into the New Year, it is a good time to evaluate how and what we might do to contribute to our own personal growth and to our growth as a community. There has never been a greater need for us to “put our heads together” and come up with new ways of Being and thinking in the world. There has never been a better time to create a place for sacred growth in our lives. We are entering a time of huge transformation on our planet. Let’s make plans to connect our lives with Source in a new and powerful way.