Ego Eclipse

It is amazing to watch a lunar eclipse. The shades and shadows are fascinating. At one point in watching this process last night, the moon looked for all the world like a baseball. It seemed close enough to reach out and touch. The moon never became completely dark, but it turned an orange color and lost its brilliance.

In watching this with my husband I was thinking about the different things in life that block out the light. There are many. Actually, I was thinking in regards to my ego eclipsing the light of Spirit. This could manifest in a number of different ways from thoughts to emotions

In truth—we shine with greater light when Christ is not blocked by our ego. The ego is one of the things that blocks a clear flow of light from Source. Ego occludes and distorts what is God’s greater purpose for my life. We often believe that it is only the inflated ego or pride that causes problems for us, but the ego can also be deflated in that we can have a poor sense of value and worth. This too gets in the way of being a channel for light. In fact, any destructive thoughts, feelings, illnesses or addictions can block the Source of light from flowing through us.

One of the most powerful ways that the Christ power works in our behalf is that we are connected and restored to our relationship with Source. Our true worth and identity is with a bigger picture—the higher self that Christ wants to connect us with.

The ego creates a false sense of self and is wounded. We still use our ego and personality to live in the world, but when we connect to Christ, or as Paul says, we are hid in Christ, we let go of our identity as an attachment to name and form only and step into a greater identity as sons and daughters of God.

We will always have a history and be known by that history, our name, our personality, and our family, but when we are filled with the light from heaven, we become closer to what God had in mind when God created us. We enter a larger arena and our work is no longer to promote our own self-interests but to promote the interests of God, which is help and healing for our planet.

By daily spiritual practice and by reaching out it in service to others, we keep our ego from eclipsing the light from the Son. We reflect the light from Spirit without obscuring its healing rays.  

Just for today we might ask, "What is eclipsing God's light from shining brighter in my life?"