If You Were A Flower

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be? There are so many different varieties and types of flowers. The lotus flower floats atop the water and its beauty betrays the fact that its roots go way down into the dark, murky water. Roses are beautiful, but watch out for those thorns! Morning Glories are fun to have around but can quickly get out of control.

Whether we have ever stopped to think about it or not, flowers have personalities and characteristics just like people. And just like people, they are also quite fragile. In reality, our lives are short, also, and we go through muddy times and often have thorns. But, just like flowers, we are deeply loved by our Creator.

Flowers inspire me, they encourage me, and they lift my spirits. We can also do the same for one another. By sharing our beauty with the world we encourage one another. As one of God’s Creations we can be the conduit for many lovely things—love, joy, peace, patience, understanding, kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion.

What would the flower of “love” look like to you and how could you be a picture of love to the world today? Or maybe you would like to be the joy flower today. What about understanding and compassion? They are all needed in our world right now.

Just for today, imagine how you might let the beauty of God’s love shine out from your life to bless others.