Just For Today--Be Mindful

What would the world be like if everyone acted as they did on Valentine’s Day? This is the question I was thinking about last night as I was eating with my husband at our favorite restaurant. It was filled with couples engaged in conversation. Many had dressed up for the occasion and it seemed that each one was absorbed and listening with rapt attention to the other. It was a beautiful picture. Special care was being given in making a special moment and connection happen.

It was what I call a mindful moment. A mindful moment is when you are completely present and aware. You are not thinking about what else you should be doing, you are not absorbed in the past, and you are not planning the future, not unless those things are a part of being present with the one you are with at that moment in time.

We seem to have a difficult time being present and mindful. Because we are so often caught up in the past or the future, we often miss the joy that is waiting for us in the present. Children are very good at being in the moment. Their past is very small and the future is a far distant idea.

My son spent a summer with his grandparents when he was about 12 years old. Every morning he started the day with one question, “Nanna, what are we going to do today?” He wanted to know how this day was going to be special.

We too can start the day by asking how this day will be special. “What wonderful thing do I want to do today?” “How can I make this a beautiful time in my life?” Do you suppose that we sometimes end up being disappointed in life as adults because we forget the magic of living each day with the anticipation of delight and wonder?

It is easy to forget that we are special and unique. God made each one of us different—different talents, different tastes, and different gifts. Each day, God wants to help us learn what those gifts and talents are. Each day, God wants to help us discover ways to be in the world. Each day, God wants to helps us find meaningful ways to serve and love.

When we learn to be mindful, we discover that God is present in every moment of our lives and that we only have to be mindful and aware to ask our Creator for inspiration and guidance. Being mindful means being aware of each moment—aware of the sun shining, aware of the shadows, aware of the rain, and most importantly, aware of one another.

If every day were like Valentine’s Day the world would be a better place. People would gaze into each other’s eyes and recognize the spark of the Divine in the other. Chocolate and roses would not just be for now and then, but would be the gifts of the present. Love would motivate everything that was said and done so as not to spoil the beauty of the moment.

So, would you be my Valentine?